Technology Q&A

Do deleted files remain on my PC?

Should you sell your second-hand computer or is it a risk to your security?

Laptop wireless security

Ensuring the security of the data accessed is key to ensuring a safe and free browsing session

Managing internet bookmarks

Drew explains how George can delete the current bookmarks and add his favourites.

Do I need a camera?

Should Brenda buy a new camera or will her iPhone do the trick?

Locking iPhone orientation

Drew explains how to lock your iPhone to portrait in less than two minutes

Computer infection quick fix

Drew explains how to fix an infected computer

Free e-books

E-book readers continue to be one of the most popular buys for tech savvy Australians, such as

Safe storage of data

Buying a USB stick is a safe and cost effective way to keep all your prized documents safe. Webmaster

iPhone query

Getting a new gadget is always exciting but every now and then they can be a little bit confusing.

Deactivating your Facebook account

Drew explains how to deactivate a Facebook account in a matter of minutes

How can I buy online securely?

After the recent closure of her local Borders bookshop, YOURLifeChoices subscriber Mary wants

Scam Update

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Tom has unfortunately fallen victim to a bold new online con whereby

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