Broadband demand exceeds supply

Q. Hi everyone, thank you for your newsletter, it is very interesting informative and fun!
I live in Hoppers Crossing and we decided to go broadband from dial up, only to be told that there is no room at the exchange!
My provider said to keep trying and that if someone moves out we maybe lucky.
Is there anything we can do? Any particular government dept. we can complain to?
My daughter lives in Melton and she has the same problem, I think if enough people start complaining something might be done about it!
Thank you all! Keep up the good work!

A. Hi Chris,
To answer your question, you will need to know the process behind broadband. Telstra builds and maintains all the current exchanges and rents out space when requested by ISP’s. While they plan to always upgrade and add more when the exchanges become full, they legally do not have to unless it is in their interests. With the rollout of the National Broadband Plan by the Government, it is not in their best interests to build or expand these hubs, because in two to three years time, all their equipment could be worthless, it’s a very watch this space area at the moment.
You should call a number of ISP providers in your area, as Telstra rents out space to different providers and even though one may say all their exchange room is full, another may have room… which an ISP will never tell you. If this does not work, a wireless broadband connection may provide a faster signal than your dial up network until a space in your exchange is found.

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