Safe storage of data

YOURLifeChoices member David is looking to backup his family tree onto a memory stick for safe keeping and to use when visiting relatives. Drew explains the costs involved and how the memory sticks work.


For a couple of years my wife has been compiling our family tree online through ‘’ and has accumulated a wealth of information. We would like to transfer this info onto a memory stick so that we can carry it with us when visiting relatives here and overseas. Is this possible and, if so, could you explain the procedure.


A. Hi David,


You can pick up a USB memory card from your local office supply store. I have provided you with an example from Officeworks which will set you back $6.97 for 8gb of storage AND 2gb of online storage. This will mean that the data is accessible even if you forget your memory stick.


Using your memory stick is straight forward. Start by plugging the memory stick in one of your computer USB ports. Allow your computer several seconds to sync with the memory stick once it is plugged in and your computer should prompt you with several different options in a popup due to the computer identifying the new device attached. Click the ‘Open folder to view files’ option. Leave this folder open – you may wish to minimize the folder. Locate the data you have downloaded (place it in a new folder) and wish to store on the memory stick. Right click on the folder and from the drop down select Cut. Now re-open the memory stick folder and right click inside the folder and select Paste from the menu. This should copy all of the data to your memory stick.


To remove the stick, we need to request the computer to eject it. To do this, navigate to the My Computer folder. Right click the memory stick icon and from the drop down menu click on eject. Now you can safely remove the device.