Top five free photo apps

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Smartphones have very small cameras, which can sometimes leave the photos which they take a little underwhelming. Get the most out of your smartphone’s camera.


With over 200 million active users, social network and photo editing app Instagram is here to stay. This app allows you to edit photos and short videos, applying nice warm filters which give the digital photos a film feeling, and then upload them to your Instagram page. You can then follow others’ Instagram pages, and hopefully some of them will follow yours back! Plenty of influential figures and celebrities have hopped onboard the social network, including Barack Obama, Delta Goodrem, Oprah and Shane Warne, and you can follow them to get a little look into their daily lives (if you want to).

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone and PC.

Photo editor by Aviary

Aviary is a simple yet powerful photo editing app, and although it doesn’t give you as precise control as some alternatives, it is much easier to use and very quick. Apply filters, whiten teeth, touch up blemishes and more to get your photos looking perfect.

Available on the Google Play store and iTunes store.

Pic Collage

This app allows you to make digital collages of your images, without any hassle. Choose from plenty of different themes, apply custom text and digital stickers and then you can upload your photos straight to Facebook or Instagram or you can even have them printed and mailed to your door.

Available on the Google Play store and iTunes store.

Camera360 Ultimate

Another wonderful tool for editing photos on your smartphone is Camera360 Ultimate. With over 300 million users and the number one photo app spot in over 75 countries, it’s there for a reason. Newly optimised for iOS 8, this powerful app will get your photos looking lovely in just a few simple taps.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone.

Photo Power

Usually costing $1.99 but temporarily available for free is Photo Power, a versatile and powerful photo editing app. Known particularly for it’s powerful high dynamic range (HDR) customization options, this app can help you get your photos looking exactly how you want. While we wouldn’t recommend it at it’s usual price of $1.99, snatching it up while it’s free is a terrific idea.

Available on the iTunes store.

Honorable mention:


Although this app doesn’t make the cut due to it’s price of $2.49 for iPhone or $6.49 for iPad, it’s too impressive to be left out. Having won several online awards for impressive smartphone apps, it’s unlikely that you’ll regret the purchase. Camera+ is full of custom features that Apple’s simple camera app has left out. Including image stabilization, a camera timer, control over focus and exposure and more. Also available on the app is an in-depth photo editing suite which will let you edit your photos in more ways than we have space to list here.

Available on the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad.

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