What happens in an internet minute?

Have you ever wondered what happens in just one internet minute? The numbers are so big it almost boggles the mind.

When it comes to the vast scale of the internet, a minute of time goes much further than you could ever have imagined. 

For example, there are 481,000 tweets sent every minute and 187 million emails delivered, including the one that most likely sent you here.

There are also 4.3 million YouTube videos being watched, 18 million text messages being sent and 3.7 million queries on Google search.

Visual Capitalist have constructed a handy infographic to display what one minute on the internet looks like around the globe.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

The numbers for these services are so enormous that they can only be shown using the 60-second time scale.

Any bigger, and our brains would be unable to process these massive quantities in any useful capacity. Here are just a few key numbers scaled to a monthly basis, for fun:

  • 42,033,600,000 Facebook logins
  • 159,840,000,000 Google searches
  • 1,641,600,000,000 WhatsApp messages sent
  • 8,078,400,000,000 emails sent

Where do you spend most of your time on the internet? Are you surprised by how much happens in an internet minute?

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