Who is calling you from that number?

Are you constantly receiving calls from numbers you don’t recognise? You aren’t alone. Today, I received what seems to be a weekly ‘mystery’ call from an unknown number. The 02 8036 4732 number suggested the call was coming from New South Wales, but this isn’t always the case, as overseas operators are able to purchase Australian numbers to hook their services through.

The rise of nuisance calls in Australia has led to a large increase in Australians taking to Google to determine who is calling them. Follow my steps below to determine who is calling you and how to block a number on your mobile device.

Open Google on your web browser. Type in ‘Who is calling me from’ and then enter the number. For this example, we will use 02 8036 4732.

For this number, there are several sources giving us quality information on who has called me. The top link has ‘4 Complaints’ in the headline from a website called Reverse Australia. This particular website allows users to post information on exactly who the number relates to, and to allow other users to look it up. In this instance, the four responses didn’t answer our question.

The second link in your Google search list should be ‘Should I Answer’. In the description area, we are told there are three user reviews of this number, so this is worth visiting. Scrolling to the bottom, we find out from the third review that someone named ‘Foss’ has identified the caller as the charity company Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders), although Foss spells it as ‘Medicans Sans Frontiers’.

If you no longer want to receive calls from this number, you can follow these steps to block the number on your smartphone.

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