Why you must turn off your device

Every device, whether smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer, has a limited lifespan. You may be shortening the lifespan of your devices without even knowing it.

Leaving your device on can have a positive or negative effect. We explain what you need to know about different devices.

Computers and laptops
Leaving your computer on when not in use will not only waste power but also make you more vulnerable to hackers and power surges. Furthermore, it will decrease the lifespan of your computer as the components are still working while not in use. You can save hundreds of dollars and increase the lifespan of your computer by simply switching it off. 

Smartphones and tablets
A low number of tablet-users turn off their device on a regular basis. This is even more true for smartphones. Both of these devices benefit from regular resets, as applications continue to run in the background despite no longer being used.

Batteries on both of these devices will degrade over time with usage, so turning off your device can increase its lifespan.

Do you have a trick or tip to increase the lifespan of your devices?

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Drew Patchell
Drew Patchell
Drew Patchell was the Digital Operations Manager of YourLifeChoices. He joined YourLifeChoices in 2005 after completing his Bachelor of Business at Swinburne University. Drew has a passion for all things technology which is only rivalled for his love of all things sport.
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