Why you should stay on top of app updates

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Apps are what make our smartphones so useful and fun to use. Keeping on top of the myriad updates can be pain but here’s why it’s worth your time.

Many of us are guilty of spending too much time staring at our phones, and it’s the hundreds of apps that make smartphones so useful and fun to use.

Smartphone applications – or apps – will receive regular updates, just like any other piece of software. The updates are delivered to your device over the internet from the developers of the app.

It can be easy to forget to update all the apps on your phone or tablet, particularly as some will be updated weekly or even daily.

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It can also be time consuming, depending on the number of apps that need updating and the download size of the update. But there are a few reasons it’s in your interests to keep on top of your app updates.

Improved security

This is probably the most important reason to keep your apps up to date. From banking to Netflix to food delivery apps, your payment details and other personal information are stored across many programs on your phone.

Hackers are constantly improving their infiltration techniques, but software companies are also improving their security at the same time.

These security fixes are pushed out through updates, so keeping an out-of-date version on your device may open you up to security breaches.

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Bug fixes

Apps, like most software, are prone to unintended problems that are only discovered once the app is publicly available and being used by many people.

Developers can send out fixes for these problems through updates, so staying up to date means you’ll always have the best functioning version of each app.

New features

The ability to send out updates via the internet also means developers can add new features after the app has been released.

For instance, banking app might add a mortgage calculator to its app or if you enjoy playing games it could mean new levels added.

Having the latest update installed ensures you’re always getting the most out of each of your apps.

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Better performance

An out-of-date app can often run slower and generally perform worse, and can even affect the broader performance of your device.

If you notice a particular app isn’t running as well as it usually is, the reason if often because it needs to be updated.

Remember the operating system of your device, be it iOS or Android, also needs to be updated regularly. This will mean many of your apps will need be updated in turn, as the developers adjust their apps for the updated operating system.

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