Thai Airways bans fat passengers on its two newest planes

Thai Airways has banned fat passengers and infants from its two newest planes.

The airline banning fat passengers

Thai Airways has banned obese passengers from taking up space in business class seats on two of its newest planes.

The ban caused shockwaves throughout the travel world and after much outrage published on social media, the airway explained why it will enforce a ban on obese flyers.

As reported in The Bangkok Post, Thai Airways International’s two brand new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners have special airbags installed in the business class seats.

Passengers with a waistline of over 142.24cms would not be able to fasten these new seatbelt airbags, which would breach Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety standards.

The new seatbelts cannot be extended because of the airbags.

Business class on Thai Dreamliners will also be baby-free, as infants aren’t allowed to travel on the laps of parents, as the airbags are considered dangerous for small children.

Would this encourage you to travel in business class? Do you think it’s fair?



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    23rd Mar 2018
    About bloody time
    24th Mar 2018
    24th Mar 2018
    Long long overdue. A bit overweight is ok but morbidly obese is really the pits.
    My wife was unfortunate enough to be landed next to a man (not me) who was 3 times the size of me, whose fat hund over onto my wife's seat and who was exporting more heat than a blast furnace for the 7 hour trip.
    Passengers should have a weight limit beyond which they need to book a row of 3 seats. I can hear the calls of 'discrimination' already, but why should travellers be inflicted with this offensive sort of situation.
    Polly Esther
    24th Mar 2018
    Oh Mick darling, how gallant it would have been, if you had played Sir Galahad and changed seats with your poor wife.
    24th Mar 2018
    It's got absolutely nothing to do with gallantry and everything to do with Excessively large (FAT) people encroaching onto your space. If you take up more than 1 seat then pay for 2.
    24th Mar 2018
    Such a nuisance. The aircraft has to fly leaning to one side all the way to Bali.
    24th Mar 2018
    and land on one wheel.
    24th Mar 2018
    One point, often missed by the general flying public, is overall weight of passenger aircraft when " fully loaded " ready to take off. It is total weight that determines how many thousands of pounds/litres of av gas is to be pumped into a plane's fuel tanks; just to ensure the aircraft can leave its boarding gate, taxi to the runway, take off & finally reach its destination.

    Allowances are included for known head winds en route, diverting around stormy weather & temporarily landings at other adjacent airports should a mid-air emergency arise. Quite frankly, the baby ban in business class is a fair bit over the top. The (few) passengers in b.c. who can't handle a beautiful bundle of joy amongst their midst, really should lease a private corporate jet. Besides; they'd make more money/close more deals by arriving sooner

    Passengers who are officially a little, medium or morbidly obese ( apart from a proven medical cause ) really should take responsible action to reduce their BMI significantly. After all, they are the folk who benefit the most & incidentally, plane engines won't have to scream their thrusters off just to defy gravity.
    24th Mar 2018
    A bundle of joy!? really, they should be confined to the cargo hold!
    26th Mar 2018
    They may be a bundle of joy, but as stated in the article, the airbags could be dangerous for children travelling on the laps of their parents. If an emergency were to happen, that bundle of joy could become an airborne projectile.
    8th Apr 2018
    The baby ban is because of the airbags. Some babies sleep all they way on flights, especially if they are fed during take off and landing or sucking a dummy.
    11th May 2019
    Drewbier, I wasn'rt aware that the aircraft in Australia had "av GAS" pumped into the fuel tan ks, I thouhht that was only in america. Remeber Drerwbie, this is not america, and we use unleaded Kerosene or naphtha-kerosene blend in jet engines the same as we ue petrol in our cars.
    24th Mar 2018
    This is a safety issue in the business class section, nothing else, just safety. Airbags are very dangerous, if you ever saw the damage they do to a person's face in a car you'd understand.
    Simple people, you don't like their rules, fly with someone else!
    24th Mar 2018
    lol - how bizarre - am I missing "something" - how does an airline "know" when you book online - if you are obese??

    Do they weigh a person (on the luggage scales - lol) once they get to check-in and "look" obese? lol lol

    Surely - under "today's laws/persons rights etc." - this could be classified as discriminatory?
    24th Mar 2018
    Same as they don't know the size of your carry on bag, but have restrictions on the size and weight. Some are now enforcing the size and weight, should be same for Passengers. If you take up more than 1 seat pay for the extra seat, if all seats are taken, catch the next plane...simple.
    24th Mar 2018
    I have an overweight friend, not as large as many we see today, who has struggled with her extra kgs all her life and is very conscious of taking up other people's space. She has far fewer holidays than most because she saves and saves so that she can afford a business class seat and not overflow onto anyone else.

    Quite frankly I believe that this is discrimination on the part of the airline because I am sure that they could have found a designer to make different airbags!!!!!

    That being said, if most first world passengers are overweight there is indeed a safety issue and I am sure that as the problem continues to grow (no pun intended) airlines will have to provide bigger seats and charge more for them.

    If I could afford business class I would be very pleased not to have a baby or toddler anywhere near me. This is simply because there are too many inconsiderate parents who don't even try to keep their children under control.
    24th Mar 2018
    This is only applying to business class. Watch out if you are not wealthy enough to afford those seats. You are going to have more corpulent passengers 'slumming' it in cattle class so they can extend both their safety belt and into 'your' space.

    It will do nothing about those parents who travel business themselves and stick their whiny kids down the back!

    Or perhaps they will have a seat-swap section in the terminal where those who have been deemed too fat for business class can swap with someone lighter from cattle-class with no refund or extra fees to pay. Hey! At least they would still get their flight and be safe! I'd be up for that!
    8th Sep 2019
    Parents with children under 15 have to sit with them!
    24th Mar 2018
    I had a woman sit next to me, squash me against the window on a flight. She was grossly overweight and really rude. If I could have gotten out of my seat I'd have moved but her fat was up against the seat in front, all over my left side and it was disgusting. Airlines should have a few seats put aside just for these people at an extra cost - say two seat rate. People should not have to put up with this ever, if you've never had to sit next to a person this size then do not knock my comments and if you do i hope your next flight a grossly overweight person sits next to you or more is the case - they sit on you. It ws bloody disgusting !
    24th Mar 2018
    Airlines should install some grossly fat people size seats at the back of the plane and allocate them to these seats when they check in; if they don't do something others who are squashed by these people in ordinary seats should be compensated or refunded their fare but even though that would be little comfort after enduring the squeeze for a long flight; or they need to move the thinner passengers to another location but hard to do if booked out.
    11th May 2019
    I agree wholeheartedly with you. I realise some people do gave medical issues causing obesity but majority could do something about it. Yes charge extra so they can have spare seat beside them. Luckily I have not encountered a situation as bad as.what you described. How gross!
    24th Mar 2018
    French long haul company, French Bee, encourages very large passengers to purchase two seats, the second at 30% of the price of your first seat purchased.
    11th May 2019
    Now that, is a very good idea. Talking odf weighing, when I went up on Fox glascier in NZ, there were, I believe 6 of us, and we were all weighed, then distributed around inside the helicopter seating to balance it out. Goosd idea. Theworse thing that can happen with an obese person next to you is they don't know about a deodourant.

    24th Mar 2018
    after reading the comments, a simple question should be in order, what good would come in an air crash by having air bags regardless of being obese or skinny, being in cattle, business or first class and as for micky boy, how many more times do we we have to read about your wife sitting beside an obese person, you stated that 5 years ago, why did you not swap places with her, most likely the two of you would not fit in the one row.
    26th Mar 2018
    Would the FAT person have lost weight if the seats were swapped?
    25th Mar 2018
    Not just babies but ALL kids under 5 or 6.
    8th Apr 2018
    Airbags aren't safe for children under a certain size.
    I know a man who was in a car accident. Somebody tried to pass her on the left side on a single lane road and lost control of his car. Because of the angle his car was hit from, the car spun then rolled.
    The Police told the victim that had be been wearing sunglasses the airbag would most likely have broken them and him got glass cuts and possible some glass in his eyes. They have had numerous cases where that has been the only in jury.
    Ted Wards
    26th Mar 2018
    Yes I will absolutely. After spending 13.5 hours sitting next to a very obese person and hanging out in the isle and not being able to be moved because the plane was full. This was a married couple who were quite huge going on a cruise. They should of booked the three seats and had the one in between empty. It would of been more comfortable for them and for me. Crying babies well thats path of the course. Their families are entitled to travel as well.

    26th Mar 2018
    Make them buy two seats.
    26th Mar 2018
    Two seats is not really the answer. If you think about it, the seats, with arms placed where they are, are just not suitable for one person to sit comfortably. We need to think out of the box a bit and possibly suggest some sort of bench along which safety belts could slide to accommodate one, two or three larger passengers. Food trays could be adjusted accordingly.

    I think it is important to remember that most fat people don't like being fat; they are human beings like the rest of us, with feelings and they deserve our respect.

    Was it you Knows-a-lot who wrote about achieving a 60kg weight loss? You will understand this better than most.
    11th May 2019
    142 cm waist is huge. It's another instance of.doing what's best for the majority. It is not comfortable when you end up with only part of the seat you paid for. Anytime anything like this happens the cry is always discrimination . In this case it is also a safety issue.
    7th Sep 2019
    extra baggage is extra baggage
    7th Sep 2019
    Firstly, I will fly Thai. What a great move.
    Business class adverts offer a pleasant and comfortable flight. I fly business to have my own space as I have had the experience of "overhang" in other classes.
    Back to the adverts: screaming children in business with warm and fluffy new age parents doing nothing - this is almost false advertising - it is false advertising!. When you pay for your seat you do need to get what you paid for. You don't pay for the courtesy of saying poor fat people they can't help it (some do have medical issues, I agree, and that should be handled at booking) and the little bundles of screaming joy - well that's ok - its so cute - I can put up with it.
    Well done Thai!

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