Think twice before burying your head in the sand

A new study finds the worst place for bacteria at the beach.

A new study finds the worst place for bacteria at the beach

Many people would have their own idea of where the germiest place at the beach may be, but I’m not so sure many would pick the right spot.

There have been times when beachgoers are encouraged not to swim in stagnant waters, or in certain countries, after a big downpour which may contaminate water with ‘effluents’.

But it may surprise you to learn that, no matter the beach and no matter the country, sand actually harbours more bacteria than water.

A study that examined beaches in Hawaii found that sand contains anywhere between 10 to 100 times the number of bacteria found in sea water.

Sand is an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. It may be exposed to sun on the surface, and sun is a bacteria killer – but beneath the surface is a damp, dark world, perfect for breeding bacteria.

Sand at the beach is hardly avoidable, so, consequently, there’s not much you can do to sidestep germs when heading to the sea shore.

Moral of the story: never bury your head in the sand.

Were you aware that sand was the germiest place at the beach?



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    13th Jan 2018
    I think it is a great place for kids to play and build up their immunity.
    15th Jan 2018

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