The most clichéd travel photos

What are the most clichéd travel photos?

The most clichéd travel photos

Have you ever noticed how tourists visiting the world’s iconic sites all seem to bring back the same photos? There are places around the world that make nearly everyone’s bucket list; the pyramids at Giza, Abbey Road in London and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And many tourists making their pilgrimage to these sites share the same idea of what to do when they get there: strike a pose and take a photo. And often, they end up taking identical photos.

These are most clichéd travel photos taken at the world’s most iconic sites.

Posing with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Image courtesy: Shutterstock 2015

Standing inside an iconic London phone booth


Image courtesy: Flickr 2009

Holding the tip of the pyramid at Giza

Image courtesy: Trip Advisor 2010

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    Brett (no longer) in China
    7th Dec 2015
    While I would agree that pushing the Pisa tower, holding the pyramids, or crossing Abbey Road are certainly cliched, I think you are stretching it with some of the others.
    Standing in front of the Eiffel Tower? If you are going to call that cliched, then you would have to include ANY photo taken in front of ANY well known landmark! You are really saying that any photos including a landmark are cliched.
    You probably should have stopped at three or four. And the one with the red telephone booth? Strange that should be included as well.
    Oh, the Eiffel Tower photo - I notice it is a selfie. Would it be more acceptable if it was taken by someone else?
    Golden Oldie
    7th Dec 2015
    Taking a photo of the Eiffel Tower from beneath or close to it can be very effective. Just point the camera up for terrific photoes. Bonus is that you don't get many sightseers in the shot.
    7th Dec 2015
    Have done the same sort of thing, Golden Oldie. Of course the view down from a viewpoint is great, but I always look up as well, in order to see if there's a good angle available. I have a pic "looking up the skirts" of the statue of liberty from the old viewing platform. It's amazing how much more there is above you from these viewing platforms - a lot further to go on above Burj Khalifa in Dubai!
    7th Dec 2015
    Why do selfish tourists always have to place their (mostly) ugly bodies in front of famous landmarks so that they block the way for others who want to take photos of the main subject? Just having the photo on your own camera apparatus is proof that you were there! There are some very clever angles you can get (if they finally move on) that make your own photos unique. Thoughtless & cliched!!
    7th Dec 2015
    Cannot agree more.

    My goal in taking photos of landmarks is to get great and memorable pics. Sticking my ugly dial in the middle will never help achieve that goal.
    7th Dec 2015
    Agree with you. There are certainly some memorable pics to be taken if you use your head (for thought) & not in the photo!
    30th May 2016
    I also prefer to take pictures without random strangers in them. The only time I have actually waited for people to get in shot was in Egypt. The sheer scale of the antiquities there need a 'body' next to them to fully appreciate the magnitude of the accomplishment of building them 5000 year or so ago..
    Polly Esther
    7th Dec 2015
    I wonder how they can 'snap' that tower in Pisa in such a way that it looks like it's about to topple. Yes, yes alright already, I know, they tilt the camera don't they. LOL
    Golden Oldie
    7th Dec 2015
    I straightened up the Tower of Pisa. I walked around it to find the best shot showing it as not leaning. I thought that would be different. Mind you, I also had a shot of holding up the tower.

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