The suitcase prison smuggle plot

Forget everything that Hollywood movies told you – love won’t always set you free.

That’s the lesson Venezuelan woman Antonieta Robles Saouda learned the hard way when she was arrested for attempting to smuggle her boyfriend, José Antonio Anzoátegui, out of prison in a travel suitcase.

Saouda, 25, visited her lover at Puente Ayala Prison in Anzoategui state, with her six-year-old daughter and a hot pink travel suitcase in tow. After somehow managing to squeeze Anzoátegui into the pink escape pod, the pair made a break for it, with Saouda cunningly attempting to wheel the case out of the prison, right under the guards’ noses.

Their plans were foiled, however, when guards noticed her struggling to push the heavy suitcase out. Inside, they discovered the stowaway convict, doubled over and surrounded by clothes.

Anzoátegui, who was serving nine years and eight months for stealing a car and then trying to flee, was immediately thrown back in the Big House. Saouda was arrested and her daughter placed in temporary care by social services.

Like another pair of star-cross’d lovers, these two will go down in the history books for risking everything to be together.

The question remaining is why Saouda was allowed to enter the prison with a suitcase in the first place and how did Anzoátegui get inside it without anybody noticing?


Written by ameliath


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