The ultimate bucket list

Here’s the full list of the 100 Ultimate Experiences of a Lifetime.

The ultimate bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? It may be time to pull it out and review it, with the release of 100 Ultimate Experiences of a Lifetime.

International Traveller has partnered with Expedia, one of the largest online travel companies, to bring the list to life. Not only can you see the full 100 experiences but, if you click through, you have access to travel guides and cool hotels for these destinations.

Here’s the full list of the 100 Ultimate Experiences of a Lifetime:

  1. Go on an epic African Safari
  2. Hike in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia
  3. Trek to see the Mountain Gorilla in Congo, Rwanda or Uganda
  4. Explore The Galapagos Islands
  5. See the Amazon Rainforest
  6. Follow the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  7. View the Taj Mahal at sunrise
  8. Walk the Great Wall of China
  9. See the beauty of Petra
  10. Take a bite out of New York
  11. Admire the natural beauty of Iceland
  12. See the Northern Lights
  13. Spend a week in Paris
  14. Explore the Andes
  15. Wander the Hermitage Museum
  16. Cruise the Antarctic
  17. Discover the temples of Angkor Wat
  18. Visit the remote kingdom of Bhutan
  19. Revel in the majesty of Alhambra, Granada
  20. Get drenched in colour at Holi Festival
  21. Journey to the Pyramids
  22. Spot Polar bears
  23. Walk the sand dunes of Namibia
  24. Be seduced by Sicily

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    Golden Oldie
    8th Nov 2014
    Requirements needed for some/most of these: physical fitness, lots of time, and lots of money, and all of these at the same time.
    Polly Esther
    8th Nov 2014
    I got to number 4, and then the alarm went off.
    8th Nov 2014
    I've collected a few over a lifetime, but "ultimate experiences" vary from person to person. I like scenic places & don't like overcrowded & noisy places, so Venice & Rio de Janeiro WITHOUT the Carnivals. ANZAC Cove was left out - but not in April!
    Miss Elizabeth
    8th Nov 2014
    Yes, great. Just need lots of super!
    9th Nov 2014
    All very interesting and all expensive and very disappointed that you dont have a single Australian attraction as somewhere worth seeing on your Bucket list In my opinion Australia has more natural wonders than any other continent and without the hordes of tourists Prefer to travel Oz any day
    12th Nov 2014
    I have had a similiar bucket list since I first travelled when in my early 20s. I have crossed many off. I had a below average wage so went and got a 2nd casual job to fit in. I do not go luxury class; travelling Europe by camper van. If one wants to do these things you do. That is half the problem with Australians who have been nowhere. They don't like effort. No tests at school ; no long hours at work; no saving; just coffee at the café whenever they feel like it. Then they have the audacity to say I can't afford it. Oh yes you can if you want to. We live in the best country of the world with the best opportunities. Its only mental attitude holding anyone back. No-one can have everything but you can actually have what you really want.
    12th Nov 2014
    Just see what was punted on the Melbourne Cup - we can all find the money if its important enough

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