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2020 Season - Return of the 367 Collins Street "Peregrine Falcons" - 'LIVE' Stream


Wow - how exciting!  The beautiful Peregrine Falcons atop the Collins Street Skyscraper in Melbourne are back again this year!

So many of us had fun last year watching these birds come and go as they raised their "new family" from eggs to teaching them how to fly!

There were a couple of "sad" times when the chicks didn't make it as Mother Nature took over ...but the majority of the time it was so great to pop in every day to see how they were doing and watch them being fed and grow from fluffy chicks into young adults...    :))

There is also a write-up (courtesy of the ABC) of how the boxes have just been refubished after many years as the Bird Society people thought they were getting too dangerous for the birds and they might not return!  

The birds did return - they are here now enjoy the wonderful 2020 Falcon family .... 

I have enlisted the kind help of RnR to add the links on a post below if possible please?

EDIT Thanks RnR here they are:

Collins Street's famous falcon nest undergoes renovation in time for breeding season.

And a very difficult job it is too.

The 367 Collins St Falcons Live Stream 2020/2021 is at ...

Many thanks ........

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