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3 billion internet accounts hacked

Yahoo has now confirmed that all 3 billion of its users were hacked in the 2013 security breach.

The internet company is currently notifying all of its users. Yahoo’s sites included Yahoo Mail, Flickr, Tumblr and others.

The information stolen didn’t include passwords in clear text, payment data or bank accounts.


Were you a part of this huge hack?


No, I didn't have anything to do with it.

Nope, not me either, I know Nussink !!  I was in the toilet at the time ;)

ALso, I heard it whispered in the bazaars that it was only 2,999,999 and 999 hacked.  One guy had a pretty good firewall apparently ;) Bwahahahaaaaaa !!

I had a Yahoo mail account that I used for testing and it was hacked! In actual fact they didn't hack my email account (it had an 18 character, randomly generated password), they hacked into the Yahoo system and got my information, including my address book (fortunately I only had a few names in that address book!). They then passed on those addresses (or posted them on a web site somewhere maybe?) and I, and my friends and relatives , started receiving emails from my Yahoo user name at varying domains. Fortunately it was an unusual user name (webmaletesting) so it was easy to spot the malicious incoming emails.

I reported it to Yahoo nearly 2 years ago and they told me it was just my account that was hacked and to change my password! That doesn't stop the malicious incoming emails and we now know different! I still receive the occassional email from "webmaletesting@......" and I guess it will continue until who knows when??

They certainly took their time telling the truth.

Unlike the family who are incapable of the truth 

Whose family??/ Yours Brocky/Pete/Raphael??