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5 reasons to visit Finland

A visit to Finland costs not only during the polar light season. This is another reason to get acquainted with this northern European country with its numerous lakes, forests and moose.

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1. Northern Lights. Seeing the Northern Lights in a clear night sky can be an impressive experience. In Lapland in northern Finland, the northern lights appear about 200 nights a year. The auroras, which are observed mainly at high latitudes, occur when electrically charged particles of the solar wind encounter oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the upper Earth's atmosphere.

2. Saunas. Saunas are an integral part of Finland and the Finnish way of life. For centuries, Finns have sweated, rested and discussed problems in these hot baths - and the icy Finnish winter has provided the perfect contrast. There are saunas in Finland. There is even one in the parliament in Helsinki.

3. Design. Finland is world famous for its design. Several famous designers, such as Alvar und Aino Aalto, came from Finland. The Helsinki Design District boasts numerous shops that showcase the work of young creative artists, and you will find classic Finnish design objects from vases and utensils to furniture in the Design Museum.

4. National Parks. To mark the 100th anniversary of independence, Finland's 40th National Park was opened in 2017. There are many wildlife in the parks, including bears, lynx and eagles. A rare subspecies of a freshwater seal, the Symen ringed seal, inhabits national parks around Lake Saimaa.

5. MooseSome 100,000 moose live in Finland's huge forests, but you'll rarely run across these shy animals in the wild. If you want to see moose it's better to go to one of the parks or zoos in which they live. At Moose Manor near Jämsä in central Finland, you can stroke tame moose.

So, what about Christmas vacations in Finland?


Rovaniemi within the Arctic circle has Santa claus there every day of the year. There you can meet him (he is multilingual) & likes vegemite! You can do many 2 to 6 hour excursions like Ice fishing, snow mobile safari, husky safari, reindeer sleigh ride, northern lights. Remember December is winter time & dark 19 hours per day then and COLD.

Further into Lapland one can have a comfy stay with sight seeing at The Golden Goose hotel (Kultainen Hanhi) in Kittila"". And havec a sauna.

Summer time, esp June - July there are many festivals on in every town in Finland. Jazz, Rock, Opera, Classical, Tango dancing, Theatre, World folk. 

Most Finns are multilingual in Finnish, Swedish & English.

Great museums, galleries and the new BEAUTIFUL library Oodi in Helsinki. 

Porvoo in the south is a quaint town, 3 hours boat ride from Helsinki.