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65-year-old property developer’s house of cards condemned

A 65-year-old property developer from Melbourne was sentenced to six years and nine months in jail for tax fraud on Monday.

Allan Dalton was convicted of obtaining and attempting to claim nearly half a million dollars in GST refunds.

Mr Dalton was brought on as a property developer and accountant by the directors of Greenhills Grange Pty Ltd (Greenhills), to assist with the completion of the first phase of a project to build 12 residential townhouses.

The project had run into financial difficulties and Mr Dalton convinced the directors that he had extensive experience in property development and accounting and would be able to get the project back on track.

Having no prior experience in the property development industry or as an accountant, Mr Dalton sought the services of an external accountant to lodge business activity statements (BAS) on behalf of Greenhills.

Between March 2010 and June 2011, 16 false activity statements were lodged on behalf of Greenhills. Mr Dalton overstated the expenditure of Greenhills to obtain $479,714.84 in GST refunds. During this period, Greenhills was only entitled to $52,500 in GST refunds.

The refund was subsequently transferred to Mr Dalton’s personal bank account and other bank accounts for which Mr Dalton was a signatory.

Mr Dalton was given a reparation order for $479,714.84, the full amount that he illegally obtained.

Mr Dalton was convicted of knowingly providing false information to his accountant to commit tax fraud for his own personal financial gain.

The ATO’s David Mendoza welcomed the sentence handed down and said it was commensurate with the seriousness of Mr Dalton’s crimes.

“Mr Dalton deliberately engaged with an external accountant and knowingly provided false information to him to obtain a personal financial advantage.

“As this case demonstrates, if you provide false information to your advisor you are breaking the law. We will hold you accountable and you will be pursued through the criminal judicial system,” Mr Mendoza said.

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People out there getting ripped off by dodgy developers and builders, and they get away with it. Then enter the equally dodgy real estate agents. Not saying all are bad because they are not, but the ones who get burned by them are either ruined financially or take a long time getting over it. Is there a way of knowing the property developer is one of the ethical ones? Yep do a lot of finding out, don’t let up and if you decide to build with one of them, dog their every step, take nothng for granted which I did a few years ago when I was building. Make property developers accountable, we’re making headway wth the banks. Now is the time to deal with the developers. Everyone is a property developer these days :( 

This one deserves everything he got.

Totally agree ABE..and get rid of the entire Perth City Council.

It goes on a lot these days. A neighbour told me her son was building a new house and he was in good with a council member. They seemed to put through building applications rather fast, she said the council member owed her son a big favour, the application was all done and dusted within a month., whereas others have to wait many months for approval. When I sold my home the new owners ripped out all the lovely trees, which the council prevented me from trimming in days gone by.. He was a builder so it makes you wonder what money was exchanged for this to go through so quickly.? 

Couple of things with this, Greenhills didn't do any checking on Dalton and I would have thought that a company in financial diifculties would want someone with a track record showing both qualifications and experience. Secondly, this appears to be a straightforward case of fraud and, being found guilty, Dalton now has a criminal record and time in prison to think about his crime. I applaud the decision.

Do the crime, do the time. Quite right.

Tip of an iceberg! Sounds more like he was a willing patsy for a dodgy company. No check on his creds?. Very sus. How much is he getting to do the time!

Now lets go after the real big dodgers like all the o/s companies not paying their share of tax. No, wait, can't go after them, they are donating too much to our party funds! Lets slug the pensioners instead!