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7 Health Benefits Of A Hot Shower

There are so many differing opinions out there about whether you should take a cold or hot shower in the morning and the evening, though most opinions are sitting around whether hot and cold water are good for your skin.


Let's take a look over a few of the health benefits you might notice after taking hot showers rather than Luke warm or cold ones.

Reductions in Stress
Have you ever had a bad day and taken a shower to make yourself feel just that little bit better? Then you’ve likely experienced what hot water does for the body. Warm temperatures prompt your muscles to relax and expand as well as boost your body’s oxytocin levels. That means you’re not only reducing your stress levels, but you’re also promoting a happier and more positive mood.

Rapid Temperature Increases Kill Bacteria
Almost all bacteria you’ll find on the exterior of your skin are highly sensitive to any sort of temperature change. Having a hot shower is likely to kill off the majority of bacteria on your skin. On top of this, if you do have any surface level sores or scratches, this bacteria sanitisation from the hot water will let your body heal even faster.

Soothes Sore Muscles
If you’re an avid fitness fanatic and have one too many tight muscles, or you’re simply a bit sore from sleeping the wrong way, then a hot shower is perfect for you. Warm water helps improve blood circulation throughout your body and also soothes aching muscles, so if you’re feeling a bit stiff or have an aching joint, a hot shower will certainly help you.

Lastly, if you’re often on the receiving end of a bad migraine or a headache, you might find that a hot shower will help you out with this too. Poor circulation often causes headaches and so a warm shower is certainly going to be one of the best ways to get rid of these.

Helps Control High Blood Pressure
As you might already know, high blood pressure is a serious problem and can cause major health problems in the long term. Although a hot shower isn’t recommended as your only treatment for high blood pressure, it certainly will be of some assistance. Studies have shown that hot water does, in fact, lower blood pressure and that the longer you stay in the shower the more controlled your blood pressure will be.

Rain-showers are a Great Way to Warm Up
Aside from the obvious health benefits, a hot shower is one of the easiest ways to warm up before your morning or evening workout. It’s important to remember that warm muscles are relaxed and flexible and these mean you can workout without the risk of tearing or pulling something.

If you love a morning workout then a hot shower is essential before you head off to the gym or for your morning run. It might even be a great idea to invest in an entirely new rain-shower head just to give your morning shower that extra oomph.

Gets You Ready for Bed
You might find it hard to sleep in the evening if you’re stressed or just aren’t too tired. That’s another area where a hot shower comes in handy. Warm water acts as a sedative for humans and that means just a few minutes in a warm shower will help to relax all of your muscles and get your body ready for bed. Once you’re out of the shower though, you’ll need to hold on to the sleepy feeling and focus on going to sleep, not doing something that will wake you back up.

Hot Water Affects Diabetes and Weight Loss
A number of studies over the past decade have shown that hot showers are a great way to help manage and control both diabetes and weight loss. The facts tell us that having a hot shower for around half and hour every day each week can reduce blood glucose levels and also help you lose up to one kilogram a week. This is a great way for you to keep your health in check and it’s as easy as taking a shower.


It states have a hot shower for half an hour!? --- all I can say is do NOT come to my house -- and expect to do that -- it should take no more than about 3 mins for a shower and to wash your self -- and maybe 5 mins if you are washing your hair

We are on tank water so half an hour is a no no for a shower.  My kids thought I was really horrible as I gave them 5 minutes in the shower and if they went over that time I turned off the water pump.  These days all of them use the same rules for their kids :-)

There is never a need to take more than about 5 mns for a shower -- so many I know are under there for ages -- not in this house

For those with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ) hot showers are not recommended because the heat and humidity can hamper breathing.

Because I have COPD, I take lukewarm, short showers which makes a taking a shower much easier.

I love a cold shower on a hot day, especially after a few hours working on my backyard or a 5 km run 

Hot showers only good in winter

You need 10 minutes to go a good job coming out squeaky clean and refreshed 

If you're working in your backyard Lottie, you can always jump in and out of the sprinkler to cool down! Have a swim in the creek during your 5km run, that too will save you water. haha

I remember years ago our hot water heater had to be replaced, as it was 20 years old and leaking. We were without hot water for 6 days and the only way to have a shower was to place a bucket of hot water (from the hot water jug) with another  bucket of cold water in the tub and then start mixing  the two with a small container, no problems and always felt refreshed.

I cannot even imagine spending 30 minutes under a hot shower, how debilitating! I could not do that if I tried, must be very boring as well.

My showers take 5-7 minutes and washing my hair adds another 5 or so, but I don't time myself. 

In these days of water sortages, I think a 5 minute shower is all you need and taking two a day should be enough. I do it in the summer, morning and night and makes me feel great.

Also taking a cool shower after the hot is very invigorating, at least for me.

I enjoy taking a nice hot(not too hot) shower but sometimes I have to take a cold shower after watching some tv shows!


Five minute showers? No way, By the time I've shampooed and conditioned my hair,  used my loofah on my skin and conditioned my body with my herbal gel,  I've already used 35 minutes!

New research suggests taking a bath every day could be bad for your health Micha. 

On the other hand, perhaps the researcher who conducted the study could not pay his electricity bills?

You obviously have bore water Micha!         

Saw a show on T.V. the other day and they said Louis X1V was terrified of bathing and only bathed 3 times in his lifetime. Phew!!

More and longer hot showers? Who benefits - the Electricity company! Maybe that's where this article comes from!