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ABC Insiders host announces retirement

Barrie Cassidy, the host of ABC Insiders, is to step down from the program after fronting the program for 18 years.

Cassidy made the announcement after he received the Melbourne Press Club’s Lifetime Achievement prize at the club’s annual Quill Awards.

In accepting his award, Cassidy said will remain with the program until June and continue to work with the ABC.

“I have genuinely loved every minute of Insiders and have always admired and respected the panellists I’ve worked with, and all those on staff who made it happen,” Cassidy said.

“I’ll be here for the federal election before leaving Insiders in June. I then plan to take a break and reboot later in the year.

“I’ll continue to contribute to the ABC – hopefully in quite a substantial way – but recently I’ve come to the view that while I’m at Insiders I’ll never really know precisely what that might be. And I do want to do other things before I run out of motivation and energy.”

Who would you like to see replace Cassidy as host of Insiders?

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Fran Kelly would be good,  and a big Thank you Barrie.  I will miss our Sunday mornings.   

Barrie is OK, don't get time to watch TV on Sunday morning but from what I've seen he's not biased to either right or left.

No Barrie is in NO way biased -- I watch a show on his life and he has been honest as and a real true blue bloke

Yes, Barry made no apologies for his left preference and was professional.  He represents the Australian tradition of zestful but always fair debate - facts and evidence trumped political idealism and emotion.

He is the real Left that has been displaced by the faux leftists, who believe that they are right and anyone else should be cat-called, told to shut-up and de-platformed.  The faux leftists also masquerade as Progressive but again these middle-class authoritarian elitists are the exact opposite of that.

I like him but he sits a bit too far to the right for me.  Having said that I find him mostly fair and balanced in spite of letting the right wingers off lightly.

We are also going to lose Tony Jones and Sarah Ferguson both straight shooters and Sarah a WONDERFUL interviewer 

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