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Acid attacks London

What sort of people do this.

"BRITISH police have arrested two teenagers after five acid attacks in less than 90 minutes across east London left several people with facial burns, including one with horrific injuries.

Two assailants on a moped pulled up alongside a 32-year-old man in the Hackney area of east London at on Thursday night and threw acid in his face before one of the pair made off with the victim’s moped."

I understand the ages are 15 and 16.  I sincerely hope they are treated as adults and sentenced accordingly.

This will do wonders for the tourism industry!!



Just getting over the top this carry on -- what absolute scum they are

Why are young people doing such a thing? There must be something terribly wrong for them to take actions like that. Can only come from hatred fuelling a want to destroy life for others. Horrible that young people would feel that way but our world is continually being represented as an ugly place. When I was travelling it was great to be separated somewhat from bad news in the world. We only heard about the London terrorist attack and the apartment fire. Meanwhile, the majority of people we met everywhere were beautiful, caring, generous human beings. Most people in the world are good but we keep hearing about the bad, politicians included. It can hurt your psyche to focus on ugliness in the world and is not perhaps realistic. The fact that news is now global increases the negative impact on all of us.

I think a lot of the young ones who have nothing -- sometimes because of their own fault -- like to destroy others and their belongings because of jealousy  --  and IF they are on drugs it makes them more likey to do such things

Who knows PlanB, who knows? I think it is so sad that some young people want to commit hurt in the world. They must be hurting themselves to want to hurt others....

have you seen some of the games they are selling now,   that the kids play on there phones or,   some are just so awful,  it beggers the mind,  who could think up these things,     one is,   they have to battle the other one,    and use clubs,   swords.    and those club things with the spikes,    they have to fight to the death on the game,     no wonder the kids get these ideas,     its adults putting it in there minds,       there re dozens of them out there,  

Yes Cats -- and just try and get an informative  -- game -- or such I tried to get ( quite a few years ago now -- and Encyclopedia type thing for a Friends young Daughter as she loved the one I had -- and there was NO way -- as all the -- games were horror things -- OR sports things -- these kids grow up with this violence and think it is normal -- why do they made such things as the young ones are so easy brain washed --

You can bet there will be a veritable conga line of bleeding hearts all willing to provide excuses for these thugs and the thugs will get away with a mild slap on the wrist lest their prescious self-esteem is 'damaged'.


Too bad for the victims though with a lifetime of reminders etched over their bodies and faces.

I have said it often -- the punishment is not severe enough --

Unfortunately, the games and TV/Movies all depict violence these days, and so often a ressurection is a part of the story, many these days just live in a life of fantasy and think they themselves are infallible and don't understand the reality of suffering done to others.

Acid attackers could get life in jail says Home Secretary Amber Rudd as she announces thugs should feel ‘the full force of the law’.

More than 400 acid or corrosive substance attacks were carried out in England and Wales during the six months to April 2017 – mostly bleach, ammonia and acid.

Under a review, acid and other caustic substances will now be classed as dangerous weapons and police will be able to use stop-and-search powers to target people who carry them. Miss Rudd announced an action plan to tackle the crime, which will include a review of the police response and whether the powers available to courts, including sentencing, are sufficient. The Poisons Act 1972 will be assessed to see if it should cover more harmful substances and the sale of acids and other corrosive substances will be restricted.

‘We will seek to ensure that everyone working within the criminal justice system, from police officers to prosecutors, has the powers they need to punish severely those who commit these appalling crimes.’

Shame they have to be fed and housed -- -- time to bring back capitol punishment me thinks

Yes that would be right. Restrict the sale of corosive substances for all law abiding people with common sence not to chuck it over passers by because of the stipidity and recklessness of the few.


Full force of the law? Yeah right. These are kids and the law does nothing!

The innocent always have to pay because of the behavior of these low life scum -- even medications have been taken off for those that needed them because of the misuse of some scum,  just bring in SEVERE punishment

Are they home grown muslim terrorists?

Perhaps it is high time PARENTS are made responsible for their children.

The parents are quite happy to collect money fromthe taxpayer but do not look after their kids.

These thugs should be sentanced to five years working in a burns ward.  When not there they should be in prison.  Twenty percent of their future wages or welfare payments should be taken from them each week until they have paid back the cost of medical attention to their victims.  They should be made responsible for paying for any further medical treatment for those who theyhave maimed.

They should be used as an example to those who would wish to memulate them that payment will be extracted for such anti-social sub-human brehaviour.


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