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Adani wins

The Queensland government just wiped out the land rights of the Wangan and Jagalingou people to clear the way for Adani's coal mine.

Sorry and I don't care who I offend by my comment. I am angry at what has been done to the indigenous people.

I have nothing more to say than she is a “dirty bitch”.Knew Adani and her were in bed together, literally or figuratively.
She is a racist cow and no amount of saying she isn't is a blantant lie!

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Just copied this from an email I got from ACF, more on their website:

Court case Tuesday 6th October 2020

When the Federal Government conceded the additional ground – that they didn’t review some of the thousands of public submissions as they were legally obliged to do – the case ended.

And after finally reviewing the submissions, the Federal Government made the exact same flawed decision as before – that Adani could take 12.5 billion litres of river water each year without being assessed under the water trigger.

That’s despite advice from the government's own experts that Adani hasn’t considered the long-term consequences of climate change on the river system it wants to extract its water from.

Here’s the good news. Going back to court will force the Morrison Government to defend their fundamental legal mistake. This time we will get an answer.


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