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Ageing accelerates if you breathe poorly during sleep

Sleep-disordered breathing and sleep disruption are associated with age acceleration, according to preliminary results of a new study.

Results show that each standard deviation increase in the apnoea-hypopnoea index, a measure of sleep-disordered breathing severity, was associated with the equivalent of 215 days of biological age acceleration.

Similarly, each standard deviation increase in the arousal index, a measure of sleep disruption, was associated with the equivalent of 321 days of age acceleration.

"People's biological age might not be the same as their chronological age," said lead author Xiaoyu Li.

“Individuals whose biological age is higher than their chronological age exhibit age acceleration or fast ageing.

“In our study, we found that more severe sleep-disordered breathing is associated with epigenetic age acceleration. Our data provide biological evidence supporting adverse physiological and health effects of untreated sleep-disordered breathing."

Have you had your sleeping tested? Are you worried by these findings?


not enough information to asses the findings and NO treatment offered to overcome the cause of this condition, just a scare campaign but for what purpose?

There is plenty of information about the effects of sleep apnoea or disordered breathing on health and ageing from the sleep foundation and this article is one of many.

Anyone can ask their GP for a referral for a sleep study and there are several treatments for the condition including CPAP and mandibulaire advancement splint but weight loss  can help too.

What a lot of nothing. Since Labor lost the unlosable election this forum has been putting crap like this forward. What does it mean Ben? Over what period does the 215 days or 321 days cover? Is that over a lifetime or does that cover one year? As to what affects our longevity, I am a strong believer in what Olivia Newton-John said when asked how she keeps her youthful looks; "Pick the right parents!" Sorry, Ben, this is just rubbish being used to fill a space and has little to no bearing on the average life of your readers.

:) Old Man ... hope you didn't get out of the wrong side of the bed today LOL.

OM, get a CPAP machine mate, clearly you didn't have a good night's sleep.

Thanks RnR and Reagan, slept like a baby last night. Woke up every two hours. Nothing wrong with me at all.  

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Oldman - If Olivia Newton-john had the right parents, why did she have to have a facelift at such a young age?????

Oldman - If Olivia Newton-john had the right parents, why did she have to have a facelift at such a young age?????

Thanks Ben. Another reminder of the consequences of sleep-disordered breathing.

Hopefully those affected will seek professional help.

It is interesting that the associations of the severity of SBD are stronger in women than in men.

..... suggesting that women may be particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of SDB.

Perhaps that is the reason why the flipant remarks by men above.


Also, try having a shot of Sherry, sorry now Apera, or similiar alcoholic beverage. Puts a smile on the face and not only that, 'helps greatly' for a relaxing sleep. (good night.!!)

Also, try having a shot of Sherry, sorry now Apera, or similiar alcoholic beverage. Puts a smile on the face and not only that, 'helps greatly' for a relaxing sleep. (good night.!!)

I doubt whether you have a "restful" sleep after imbibing alcohol. You may feel sleepy and doze off for a couple of hours, but after that, sleep is very disrupted. 

We can all benefit from deep breathing exercises. I imagine this study is all about the oxygenizing of our blood and if we dont breath correctly during sleep - it can diminish etc. 

So its sitting on the edge of your bed and taking deep breaths and holding them for count of 4,5 or 6 and the letting it all out about 6 times. Also at breakfast or any meal can do it - just have to remember to do it!

Its when our blood lacks oxygen that we are liable to have heart attacks or strokes they say so worth doing these exercises just in case eh!


Very good advice Berry

Thanks for bringing it to our attention

Obesity is linked with many health problems and sleep apnea is one of them.

GPs do not have time to explain things to patients, or more would be aware that the first area of the body to be affected by weight gain is the tongue.  That causes air intake problems. 

The solution is to bring the weight back to normal for height.  That can be very difficult because weight gain is linked with many causes, the most significant for many people being overeating to compensate and comfort for life problems, eg., partner problems.

Maybe if we simplify our lives and part of that could be taking some decisions that are being put off, like paying no notice to the nags on the TV and giving the troublesome person in one's life the shove.

In view that a lot of GPs charge $37 on top of Medicare one would imagine they would have the time for this very important matter.

Hi Suze, 

Some practices may have cottoned onto the lurk of charging for an extended consultation instead. 

I was recently charged for an extended consultation for the usual 'bottom-didn't-warm-the-chair' consult.  -Most men would understand knowing how short a man's examination usually is :(  I asked why the charge for the extended and was advised that she had rung the lab prior to ask a question about the XRay report. On the other occasion (both were the most recent visits) my usual GP's fee was again for an extended consultation, 'because he had to read a report'. 

Concerning the last mentioned, my attendance was to follow-up on the results of a test & specialist consult he had ordered.  Apparently, he had not seen it on the clinic's system and at my request looked at it to answer my question.  Why in the hell would the specialist be bothering to write to him if he doesn't read it?

I don't object to paying more.  But I would like the GPs to case manage as they are supposed to be doing.

I always thought an extended visit was one that exceeded 20 minutes for which the doctors get more payment....Extended Medicare Safety Net Cap: $112.80

Any system can be gamed. In this case, the main control exists in the patient objecting to the extra charge.  And doubtless having to find another clinic.

I pay fee for service.  So I will probably walk anyhow.

My biggest concern is the last mentioned point - the lack of case management.

Obese people are not the only ones to suffer sleep apnea. Can affect almost anyone. Good idea to get a sleep test if you snore heavily.