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Aiia Maasarwe rape and murderer out on bail

The wannabe rapper who was arrested over the rape and murder of Arab-Israeli student Aiia Maasarwe was out on bail the night she died.  She had moved to Melbourne on a one-year exchange program to study at La Trobe University. 

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No surprise you'd be 'copying a comment for future reference' Banjo, given your mob seem to haunt and 'almost live for this forum'  and seem able to dredge up any comment posted over the past 8 or 9 years or so at the blink of an eye.....

Surely suggestions of 'get a life' must be in order for those with such an unhealthy and dysfunctional forum obsession...

I mean who in their right mind and a life in balance could be bothered!


I am sure Robiconda, the people who really matter (i.e. YLC) appreciate our presence on the form.

So in a nutshell, Get Stuffed!

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As for the "geta life" comment. It seems your entire life is comprised of stressing over us. You should get your doctor to increase your medication.


Here are a few links which hopefully can help you get some balance into your life. Your paranoia must be overwhelming, obviously driving you nuts.

Next time you have an overwhelming desire to comment on our activities on the forum, send a letter to YLC Admin.

Must go now and enjoy the rest of the day while you, the hydra and the fox stew.

LOL -   Was wondering "WHO" you would  come back as ?   LOL   You didn't disappoint!

You would have to be one of the ugliest most vile online Trolls in existence!

 To get your "sick kicks" the way you do by abusing decent people on a daily basis is simply showing yourself to be the lowlife scumbucket you really are.  You must have a terrible life to be so hateful and bitter all the time???

So you "think" YLC "appreciate "our" presence on the forum" ....? 

R O F L M A O  




I have reported your two offensive posts because you refuse to use my proper name and you continually tell people that Shetso1 and I are the same person when you know very well that we are not. Also your “Get stuffed” comment and stupid links are highly offensive and against the rules. Your posts are directed to me using my very old and no longer relevant name, yet I have not been present at the meeting place for several days before now so why are you suddenly, out of the blue attacking me? You are a really screwed up bully! 


Banjo, good on you offering a very needy fellow poster some links to a few forums she can log into for support. I feel sure you will be commended by the mods for such an unselfish act. 

As fer, "It's a New Year" robbo, have you reported yourself for constantly saying Banjo, Ray, Reagan and myself are one person and that Bijou, KIAH and Sophie are the same person??? Time to get stuffed old girl, the mods do not read one post you know. They keep an eye out on others.

Well, I had a nice Aussie Day breakfast. Saved some bangers for you hungry haggis, don't worry hydra, none are kosher, we know you're Catholic.


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Can't wait for the fireworks tonight, best in the land!

PS, dunno if Dietz & Watson is a company, if so the mods might remove my loverly picha.


Hey Abe, looks like all’s quiet on the haggis front. I was thinking the other day and in my ever so ‘umble opinion, now that Admin have dispensed with the obnoxious and totally unnecessary Private Message facility, might be a good idea to pull the plug on the “Report” button.

Why waste time  reading crap from whingers and whiners who’re not grateful for this free site. If I were ever asked  that would be my reply. Btw, great idea having those ads popping up on the pages, good business ploy. I find them really helpful, even thinking of getting one of those Dyson humidifiers I saw advertised.


Hiya Ray,

Agree with you about the Report thingy. The mods have enough to do without dealing with the troll life on the forum. 

About the Dyson humidifier, worth considering. Bijou bought one recently for our aunt and it's great. See if you can get a demonstration before purchasing.



Actually I've often wondered why we only have a report button, most forums have an ignore button as well, or am I missing it?  Wouldn't be the first time I've missed something around here.


An “ignore” button would be great Leonie. Would fix the trolling problem instantly and I imagine would make moderating easier too. 



an example

avatarTisany 2019

4 days ago


LOL little Pooh-bah Moses (aka Micha) declares his greatness, and not for the first time. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 





Well you are a Pooh-Bah Micha aka Moses/Abraham. All of your mob of family & friends are Pooh-bahs forever skiting your greatness, superiority in all things, magnificent achievements, important friends, outstanding pursuits, holidays, wealth etc, etc, etc.....Goodness, the biggest laugh you trolls ever gave anyone was from the vicious Sophie who declared to all and sundry that she had better boobs than all other women..”taut as violin strings” she said. Ha ha ha, that was so funny when Shetso1 misread ‘violin’ as ‘violent’. Yep, you’re a bunch of Pooh-bahs all right...arrogant, conceited persons of pretended importance! The crap you wrote to ex PS immediately before I put that up was evidence of just that.



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get hubby to take you out for some fresh air, sitting here all day can't be good for your already poor health. I'm off to play golf. See ya


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What Micha? Not going out on your super duper yacht with your gay crew today? Not running your fantasmogorical, highly successful forum? Not taking your perfect wife Bijou out somewhere on this public holiday? Golf is so boring and hum drum Pooh-Bah but enjoy hitting your little ball around. I hope it takes all day and we’ll have a break from your tripe.





LOL .....well said!   Fantastic in fact!  Twerpy little dweebs that they/it all are - mega liars also!!   They/it - has the sad pathetic "low"life...always here abusing - hating.   

Hideous Troll(s)!! 

P.S.  You forgot the "Surf Shop" off the island of Hawaii ..... lololololol  (or maybe you "missed" that post?)   Was awhile ago....  :-)


Class - Exhibit 1 - Two idiots.


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..... ... they all ya' "multi-personalities" laughing and clapping Vulture??  

L O L 

HAHAHA Raymondo, love your exhibit 1 !!


.This group only attack women.  Men on this forum are aware of this and have no respect for this group at all.

This group are patently inadequate and timid. Attacking women ...

Timid and inadequate people never become captains of industry, CEO's ... indeed any position of rank within business ... indeed anywhere.

No person at the top of the tree, nor along it, boast.  They don't need to. 

Abraham is creating an imaginary life for himself ... and what a life. He hopes to impress members of a seniors' forum. Why on earth would anyone want to do this?  The men and women see straight through him.  Indeed, there are members who are, or have been, top of the tree.   Not him.

So Sophie extolled about her boobs??? Hilarious.  Well she doesn't have any judgement. She said that Hitler's writings and oratory were brilliant.

Men and women remember Abraham's sexual harasssment (as determined by Victorian law), when he first arrived.  He must have been cautioned, otherwise why did he stop???  Certainly his attacks on women shows that this ugly impetus continues.


It is well noticed that Abraham lives on this forum.  Here every day tapping in his malice.

What sort of marriage has he?  Prefering to stalk and cyber-bully women than engage with Mari, his wife.


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Why the hell is this woman at our throats?? Wish Admin would do something about it for the sake of the rest of the forum users.

You know Abe, I think the reason we can’t see any improvement with the twiller is because she needs to change her therapist.

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Well, back to work tomorrow, hope you had a good break. Have to say I enjoyed the few days off. Talk to you later, mate.




.... about time you lowlife scumbuckets realised it's NOT "the rest of the forum users" but YOU  ..... you are positively EVIL !!!  


With gutter language like that it’s no surprise women with a skinful of booze end up falling into the gutters in Melbourne.

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Ok. It is now Tuesday, following our long weekend holiday. The posts I reported from Banjo have not been removed. I had not been present for 2 or 3 days on YLC before he made those attacks so they were absurd. The attacks are not the big deal, the fact that they were not removed when reported is what is important. What is the point of having a report button? The fact that troll bullying has been overlooked by moderators for so long is curious? I won’t contribute any further to a site that pretends to care about the aged but does nothing about troll abuse occurring to the aged on their site. Goodbye to all the good people on are why I stayed amidst bullying for so long. I believed it was worth fighting bullies to (1) not be cowed by bullies and (2) support others attacked by bullies. If the site one is on gives carte blanche to bullies though, and such bullies won’t stop targeting you, what is the point of being here? Off to more healthy pursuits for me now.....:) 

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Tisany 2019,

Many have reported this "group."  YLC has done nothing.

We need to ask ourselves "why".  What benefits YLC to permit them to continue their reign of cyber-bullying.

Indeed, what benefits YLC to have this "group" as members? 

I’m beyond caring Twila. I just know it is wrong that they allow people to be bullied and ignore the reports. As far as I am concerned YLC is contributing to’elder abuse’.

Tisany 2019,

I agree with you. They take such a malicious pleasure in doing so.

Cyber-bullying is also illegal.


So you know it is illegal and yet you do it all the time.

What does that make you????

The funniest thing on social media must be when a bully and troll “reports” another person for being a troll and then plays the victim.


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Yep, it's always the arsonist who screams FIRE!!!

When this group of inadequates, these bullies ... cyber-bullies, are confronted with the true FACTS ... and realities of what they are, they scream "victims"

... and oh, the sobs and tears ...!!!

What travesties of manhood.

The court heard it will take detectives at least 12 weeks to compile their evidence, which includes processing CCTV footage.

“I note you are an Aboriginal person and you may be vulnerable because of your age and appearance, this being your first time in custody,” Magistrate Klestadt said.

His case will return to court via video link on June 7.

Gaol, also has its own sense of justice. I take it the Magistrate was referring to this "eye for an eye" code of conduct?

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