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Well, I have just received a letter stating that my car is on the list and has this problem-- it also stated that they sent me a letter   LAST NOVERBER (2016) --  I never got any letter at all -- I could have been driving around in a very dangerous car.

IF they had informed me I would have told them to remove the bloody things -- hell we drove around without them for many decades -- I will be onto head office of Toyota on Monday -- regarding this, NOT HAPPY!

PS   I thought there had been another thread on this but I was unable to find it -- due to the LACK of technology on this outdated forum!


all  you have to do Plan B is use the search button. I just did. 



I used the search button and put in Air Bags -- it said no info


G'day Plan B, with the search thingy you have to put in a keyword. I happen to know the bags recalled are Takata, so I type in Takata, then you get to a page with related articles and you will find the  thread you were after. try it.

THank you for your trouble Brisvagas will do

Thanks RnR I have booked my car into have the Air Bag done at 1pm today -- and have been onto the Main Toyota head Office which wrere as usful as tits on a bull -- as were other places. 

I wanted the Air Bags removed totaly as I do not feel safe with them at all -- but seems the car would be illegal if that was done they also had NO idea about the steering wheel position -- (seems strange if you are in that mode of work)  see below for more info on how safe these air bags are.  FGS we drove for many many decades without these bloody Air Bags -- seem they can do more damge than they stop!


You're doing it wrong: How holding the steering wheel at the old '10-and-2' spot could tear off your hands in a crash


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Millions of Americans who learned to drive before the age of modern air bags are risking severe damage to their arms and hands -- and even amputation -- because of how they hold the steering wheel.

Driving experts say the old position at the top of the wheel, 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock, risks potentially traumatic injuries in a crash, thanks to the force and direction of air bags in modern cars.

Instead, holding the wheel at a lower position, 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock, will protect drivers' hands and the arms better.


Wrong: Holding your hands too high on the steering wheel risks injury if the airbag deploys

The National Transpiration Safety Board, the agency that monitors and oversees car safety, has reported some truly horrific injuries as a result of drivers improperly placing their hands on their steering wheels, according to MSNBC.

These include, in extreme cases, severed fingers or hands, broken arms and even degloving -- the skin being torn away entirely from the fingers and hand.

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In more common, and less terrifying cases, arms can be flung into faces during airbag deployment, causing broken noses and concussions.

'If the bag is going to go, it's going to take my hand and put it into my face -- either one of my hands,' Bob Hendrickson, the head of AAA driving schools in Indiana, told WTHR-TV in Indianapolis.

Experts say the higher on the wheel your hands are, the more likely they are to be struck by the steering wheel cover that shoots off as the airbag violently expands at 150 to 250 mph.


Dangerous: Airbags deploy violently, at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. They can cause traumatic injuries to hands and arms

Fixing the problem calls for holding the wheel lower, with hands almost parallel.

Old-school driving instructors taught their students to hold their hands high on the wheel for better control.

Looking at the steering wheel as a clock, it meant drivers putting their hands at the 10 o'clock position and the 2 o'clock position.

But drivers need to move their hands down to the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions.

Some instructions say hands should be even lower -- 8 o'clock and 4 o'clock -- but some research suggests that position might result in less vehicle control.,ssl&ei=EqGHWcOTN8KZ0gTXhpOYCQ




Yes, that what they are doing fitting very same make of air bags  -- I would feel much better if I could have the lot taken out -- as I do not feel at all safe with these in at all.

I took my car up to be fitted with the new one today --and asked WHY the hell I had not been informed the last time I had a service - last December-- and they were supposed to send me a letter in NOVEMBER they made some lame excuse that my name was marked as   PRIVATE -- I am sure he was lying and had been caught out, why the hell would an ordinary person be marked as private -- they soon know how to send out other info

"Airbags deploy violently, at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. "

Well DUH !

you shouldnt be driving at 250 miles per hour !!!

Thanks for all that information Plan B. I always drove at 10 - 2 o'clock, but it looks like it should be 9 o'clock to  3 o'clock. It takes a bit of getting used to.  

that's a long time to be on the road

We have been waiting for 3 months for our airbags to be fitted...told it could be six months when I rang the other day...not happy Jan.

I had mine fitted and when I asked a load of questions they ducked and weaved -- and were lying through their teeth -- I also asked for documentation -- none given -- I am about to ring head office -- as if I wanted to sell the car I am sure the person wanting to buy would want to know -- plus the fact thats me I like to do things right, they told me they would fit a different make -- but when I asked the bloke -- he said it was the same Takata one -- whats the point --  I would prefer them to be removed as they seem to be causing more injuries than we had b4 air bags --but the car would be classed as illegal what a crock of $*^&

I have sent three emals to my local dealer re our you think I have had a response?????


Ended up going in there last week and was told it would be mnths before our was done as they are doing the earlier models first.  They ought to hope and pray I am not involved in an accident and if I survive I will sue the bloody pants off them!!


The ACCC are toothless tigers all talk and no action on this.

Stand on your dig Radish I went and said I wanted it NOW and they fitted it -- they have also put a sticker on the inside of the driver's side door frame -- -- I might add it is replaces with the SAME Takata bags -- does not make you feel safe at all