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Air Fryer recipes

I do not have a Phillips Air Fryer (mine is a Kogan..and came without a recipe book).

However, I came across this on a forum and may be of use to others who don't have a Phillips air fryer but some other brand and would like some recipes for the fryer.

I am going to try the prawn recipe myself.


Looks Yum  Thanks for the link

Fried hot prawns with cocktail sauce  

Let us know how it turns out .. what is the Kogan Frier like to cook with ???

Abby it is fine.   I have had mine for about 12 months now and I figure if it dies I have only lost around $70.  These days things are not meant to last but so far it has not let me down.

Have a look at reviews on line Abby if you are thinking of buying one.


The Phillips get rave reviews.  Maybe I will buy a better one next time...but so far I am happy with the Kogan.  The frozen chips turn out fantastic and I have used it to cook lamb chops, baked spuds, pumpkin.  Great for doing frozen party pies and that sort of thing...also you are not heating up ovens which take forever.

I still love my Sunbeam mini oven and use that a lot as well.  Make biscuits cakes in that.

What I like about it you are not using fat to fry in and if anything should happen to me while I am using it, it will turn itself off.

As we age we need to be aware of the fact that anything could happen any time ;).


Abby, there are other links I have found but this one might be ok too...this lady is a casual blogger and only puts recipes up now and again but she is rapt in her Phillips air fryer.

I am using the Eblusmart air fryer now, I use it to cook beef, cook chicken and french fries, I think it tastes great!

I got a Kogan air fryer cheap one does a great job steaks, snags ,chips

Very seldom eat fried food ... much as I love the taste, my digestive system doesn't. My very few fry-ups are restricted to ScanPans on a gas cooktop, minimal oil.

Love steamed and dry roasted though. So tasty.

Was reading an article about kitchen gadgets/appliances that famous chefs/cooks rate highly. Interestingly to me, their main item of choice was their favourite knife ... article went on to say they have very few other items apart from a good frying pan and a favourite pot/saucepan ... no electrical stuff mentioned.