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ALP attacks LNP over pushing Age Pension age


It may be fairly common knowledge that Australians aren't happy about the Age Pension age being pushed to 70. And yet, according to the Australian Labor Party (ALP), that's exactly what the Coalition plan to do.

If the LNP has its way, all Australians born after 1 January 1966 will have to wait until they are 70 before being eligible for the Age Pension.

The ALP has started an online petition for those who don't agree with the hike to sign – to send a message to the LNP that Aussies won;t be happy being the country with the oldest pension age in the world. 

Regardless of your party preference, what do you think about the Age Pension age being pushed to 70? 

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The ALP introduced 67 as the new pension age under Rudd - no one said a word! Do not trust them now to be against the age of 70. Most of the civilised world still have 65 as the bench mark of the age pension, why not here?

Maybe there are too many pension payments going out for under 30 year olds, like surfers and alternative life stylers. If you do not have a job for a few years when young you certainly do not want one past 30 (no one would want you any way).

Don’t trust the ALP . Period

baseless allegations and pure scaremongering 

And trust Tony Abbott.  He'll save you.

Funny how you get the normal respondents complaining about 'lies' from Labor when their side of politics invented the word.  You'd have to be brain dead to not notice what the current crop of bussiness owned and controlled pollies calling themselves a government have done to average citizens.  Oink batts anyone?

Yet another union official Derrick Belan guilty of embezzlement 

how can you trust the ALP ???

Oh, many of us said a word, Jim - and still do. I've been a Unijon (unpaid) delegate in the past, and I still condemn Labor since it became the university quadrangle sidewalk cafe party of the feminists and poofs...

Oh - I dunno.. the Great Socialist Revolutionary Tony Abbott alerted us to the reality that the Age of Entitlement is over.... we're working on it..... soon we'll get to his retirement packaging and perks.... but certainly he created the groundswell for meaningful change.  Only a True Man Of the People could or would do that....




A Government can raise the pension age to whatever they want but in reality how many people are going to be able to continue to work until they are 70 anyway, even if they want to?

And where is the sense is that anyway?  So many places have a problem with youth unemployment, not to mention under employment. 

One can't help but wonder if the real object here is to create a subservient workforce who will accept whatever crap is thrown at them.  Large numbers of insecure workers equals stagnant wages, increasing profits.

Oh, and let's demonise the Unions while we are at it.  That will help to keep the great unwashed in their place.

Yes - they try to sneak under the radar by saying that retirement age and Pension age are not one and the same for the many.

Any government that even begins to sneak under the radar is not worthy of anything at all, and both Labor and LNP do exactly that... the Greens I discount as a meaningless force.

You're right on the ball thre, Leonie.

To extend this a little - those with cash bearing assets (including excellent super) can afford to retire and have those cash bearing assets to draw on - those without those assets have nothing on which to draw, and so are forced to rely on Pension rights instead.

Thus the policies of division go on apace - with the 'better classes' having more 'privileges' such as opportunity to retire earlier than 70, but the 'worthless wastrel peasants' will be harnessed to the plough in the snow until 70 for the greater glory of The Reich or of the Democratic Socialist Republic.*

Forget the years of subsidies for superannuation - that's not a cost to the economy - nor are the massively preferential superannuation schemes enjoyed by some such as public servants, politicians and the like...... according to the ideology, those are not an enduring cost to the economy - but Pensions are.

What an absolute load of cods wallop.

*On another line here - that ideological concept says that the individual is a vassal of the state, rather than the state being the vassal of the individual..... and yet your 'righties' pursue this kind of line relentlessly..... none so blind....

You are so right Leonie -- mongrels are very quick to get THIER pensions at whatever age -- AND go out and get another job paying millions as well.

How the bloody hell can they expect anyone with a manual job to work till they are  *&^%$#* 70!

bring out the hankies, better yet use buckets, can do with some water on my vegie patch

Folks, currently the retirement age in China is 60 for men and 50 for women who work in factories. Don't worry the way things are going and the speed with which China is moving towards the South Pacific, it may not be long before you enjoy the same benefits as our Chinese counterparts. 

My advice start learning Mandarin.

but do they get a pension in China?

Look up "the iron rice bowl" 

Better start liking rice Mick, you may be eating a lot of it one of these days!

I like rice too Ray and I speak Mandarin, but I sure as hell don't want to see this my friend


            Image result for cartoon of chinese domination


This LNP government must have a death wish wanting to (a) push the retirement age back to 70 and (b) sell the ABC. Two very unpopular moves!


This government isn’t pushing the age limit Robi

And they won’t sell the ABC - only make it more relevant as a not for profit totally independent media channel 

its Shorten telling lies 

he’s pathological 


They want the ABC GONE because it is about the only one that tells thing the way they are -- the other has nothing but rubbish -- mostly except for a few Docos -- but if you had to watch them with adds you wouldn't even bother with TV

Wow huge response & I haven't got time to read all the comments but I'm guessing someone has said similar to me anyway but I think any politician (regardless of party) that wants to introduce working til 70 before we can claim OAP should go & do my job or any physical/manual labour type employment until they reach 70yrs of age & see how they like it!!  Just heartless!

They could try a real job for a change.......

Yes - this is the end result of all those years of technological improvement and upward social conditions that were the Big Promise of the 1960's and 70's etc.... instead of the retirement age and general prosperity improving, with more leisure time etc and a shorter working life for all - the opposite has become the reality....... now you don;t get as much leisure time and your working life has been extended to 70 by government diktat.......

Rubbish TREBOR!

The government has no say in when a person retires. The only influence they have is by helping to maintain full employment. We are approaching full employment now. 

"The government has no say in when a person retires."

Interesting theory.

The government seems to have plenty to say on their official websites about retirement age in Australia.

You fail to understand the difference between retirement age and pension.... and you missed the entire discussion of the true situation for many.... read back a little before you jump.

If 6+% unemployment and at least  times two that under-employed is 'full employment' - somebody is dreaming.....

.. and of course most ordinary superannuation holders are restricted by financial and tax constraints as to when they can retire with full benefits... it's not as if a superannuation holder can just up and decide to retire without penalty.....

Another flaw in the system and a clear indication that by accepting a tax concession along the way, you lose control over your own money and must abide by someone else's rules as to how and when you can take your earned super.

There are many ways of skinning cats and governments do not usually miss many of them ......

"If 6+% unemployment and at least  times two that under-employed is 'full employment' - somebody is dreaming....."


More rubbish TREBOR!! It is you who are dreaming my friend!!

Unemployement is 5.4%. It is accepted that full employment of the Australian workforce is acheived at 5%. If you considered all the casuals as being unemployed the figure would be around 8.6%. Now here's the kicker.. Of those casuals, only 15% want more hours and on average they want 1 to 2 days more.

Now if you want to argue that then I suggest you take it up the the RBA GOV.

BTW, a clear sign that you have very little understanding of how things work is that retirement to you involves only 3 things. AGE, OAP and Superannuation. Get some education.




RNR, thank you for the link. There are only 2 things which determine a persons age at retirement.

1. Health or attitude to work

2. Financial means

How you ensure continuity of your cash flow is a question with a multitude of answers.


When can you retire?

In Australia there is no fixed age at which women have to retire. Currently, you can access superannuation from age 55 to 60 depending on when you were born.You may be entitled to the age pension from age 65 to 67, depending on when you were born. 

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