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An easier and cheaper way to eat healthier

Coles is making it easier for customers to choose healthier options with the new Wellness Road range of health foods, as more than 40 per cent of Australians say they want to eat more healthily.

Wellness Road is a new range of 28 products including Organic Black Rice Noodles with Chia, Organic Cacao Powder, White Chia Seeds and Australian Almond Flour.

Coles chief operating officer Greg Davis said the Wellness Road range was aimed at making healthier options more accessible and affordable for customers who wanted to include better choices in their everyday diet.

“From teenagers, through to those in their 60s and 70s, our customers are telling us that they want to eat less processed foods and cut back on sugar and salt,” he said.

“But customers also don’t want to change their entire diet or pay a huge premium for healthier foods, and they don’t have time to make a special shopping trip for a couple of ingredients.”

All Wellness Road products are a healthier choice than equivalent ‘conventional’ products, free from artificial colours and flavours, made with reduced levels of sugar and salt and free from trans fats.

“What we’ve looked to do with Wellness Road is simply provide our customers with uncomplicated goodness – delicious tasting and nutritionally-balanced products – and importantly, at great value,” said Mr Davis.

An example of this is the Wellness Road Organic Cacao Powder which is available for $10 for 500g – around one-third the price you might find at specialist stores.

Former MasterChef Australia contestant and resident chef for the Sydney Swans, Courtney Roulston, said the range made nutritious, healthier cooking easier while providing more options for easy and delicious meals.

“Great cooking relies on great ingredients, and when you have a range of healthier products that are more readily available and affordable, there’s no excuse that your next meal shouldn’t be delicious and healthier.” she said.

All Wellness Road products must meet all of the following standards:

  • Made with reduced levels of sodium, sugar and saturated fat where applicable
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners
  • Free from trans fatty acids from partially hydrogenated oils


The Wellness Road range is available at selected Coles supermarkets and online throughout Australia.


Reads like an advert from Coles

Yes. Another rubbish article on this site.

It is a shame all food manufacturers do not do that.

They all put in unhealthy amounts of salt, sugars and fats.

The Government should put a tax on these foods

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What a stupid comment.

Why should the government tax these products?

People do not have buy these products.

Salt and sugar, unfortunately, are plentiful substances in the diets of many people, especially if they consume many processed or pre-made foods.

Like most foods and nutrients, they can be helpful — or at least not harmful — in small amounts.

However, if you consume too much salt and sugar, you may put yourself at risk for health complications like heart disease, diabetes and dental decay.

Added sugar and salt tax  could be used to support the health conditions it creates.

People buy these products with added sugar and salt becuse of the convenience and addiction which they develop through eating these substances.

I would be asking is it Aussie owned AND grown?????


If people could get decent wages they could spend more and so the economy would be a lot better

The Wellness Road range is available at selected Coles supermarkets and online

throughout Australia and includes:

- Wellness Road Organic Black Rice Noodles with Chia (225g) $3.75

- Wellness Road Australian Almond Flour (300g) $10.00

- Wellness Road Australian White Chia Seeds (300g) $5.50

- Wellness Road Organic Australian Black Chia Seeds (300g) $5.50

- Wellness Road Organic Cacao Powder (500g) $10.00

- Wellness Road Premium Sunflower Kernels (500g) $4.00

- Wellness Road Tiger Nut Flour (275g) $10.00

- Wellness Road Organic White Quinoa Grain (1kg) $10.00

- Wellness Road Pumpkin Kernels Premium (300g) $4.50

- Wellness Road Organic Tri Quinoa, Gluten-Free (500g) $7.00

- Wellness Road Black Chia Seeds (300g) $5.50

- Wellness Road Brown Flaxseed Meal (500g) $4.00

- Wellness Road Premium Sesame Seeds (250g) $3.80

- Wellness Road Australian Golden Flaxseed (500g) $4.50

- Wellness Road Organic Buckwheat Flour (500g) $5.00

- Wellness Road Australian White Grain Quinoa (300g) $5.50

- Wellness Road Polenta (500g) $2.80

- Wellness Road Premium Stabilised Wheatgerm (375g) $3.00

- Wellness Road Spelt Organic Wholemeal Flour (750g) $7.50

- Wellness Road Australian White Quinoa Grain (300g) $5.50

- Wellness Road Nutritional Yeast Flakes (200g) $8.00

- Wellness Road Organic Brown Rice Noodles with Chia (225g) $3.75

- Wellness Road Organic White Quinoa (500g) $7.00

- Wellness Road Textured Vegetable Protein (400g) $6.00

- Wellness Road Organic Australian Flaxseed Oil (200ml) $10.00

- Wellness Road Organic Buckwheat Kernel (500g) $3.50

- Wellness Road Organic Golden Flaxmeal (500g) $5.70

- Wellness Road Organic Red Rice Noodles with Chia (225g) $3.75

I don’t trust any food that comes from China even when it claims to be organic. Buy Australian grown that’s unprocess and cook it yourself. It’s sad when a healthy retired person can’t do that.

You just pay a premium for the "Wellness Road' brand. E.G. Quinoa is ALWAYS gluten free, so any version will be fine. Sunflower seeds can be bought in the cake mix aisle for less than $2.

And Aldi has packs of thngs like hemp seeds and cacao for $5 each!

The moral of the story is shop around for what you want. You can do it online these days then go shopping with a list of what you want and where to buy it.

And just for the record, you do not have to buy any of these foods to have a healthy diet. As Musicveg often says on this site, fresh fruit and veg in season are just fine!

Lots of ready-to-eat goods.

Lots of ready-to-eat goods.Source:Supplied

Just watch out for the sauces and dressings that come with them. I agree its good to see that there is more of a choice than the old meat pie, sandwich or sausage roll. But they mostly come in at around $5 or more for the single serve. Ok for an occasional meal but it is still cheaper to make your own salads. As an example, a carton with a boiled egg and some spinach from Woolworth was $5.

what you pay for with these are THE PACKING,     what is in those packs would be worth about $2,  but they slug you  $10,   all a racket,    handy for the people with plenty of money to waste,  or who work odd hours,   and dont cook,   but the normal household dont need them,   just walk around and pick up the items you need,   half the price,   

Always read the small print and make sure it is MADE AND GROWN in AUSSIE 

Lots of plastic packaging.

Yes, hopefuly it is recyclable and BPA free and the customers do the right thing with the packaging.


These are good products and great for picnics I find.  

For home I use the kitchen knife and whole or part veggies.

What I am after now is another manual option that rinses clean and doesn't mince the user.  That rules out the 'Banjo' style. The electric processors are generally too much bother.

untl they come up with an alternative we will have plastic packaging around for quite some time as it gives food a longer shelf life.   if it is done away with our food will get a lot more expensive.

Ate for the first time this week at a vegan restaurant. The food was expensive but absolutely delicious.

No chance of my becoming vegan's a wonderful alternative.