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Another answer to our waste problems

Thought I would share this ingenious solution to household waste, Denmark does it again, what a brilliant idea. Why can't our Governments get on board to solve the solution of waste and also generating cleaner energy?


Brilliant !

Singapore also has an answer to waste disposal. I hope this copied video works for you.

Sorry, the video would not download here. worth a look if you can find it.

I copied emails with it as content to the Qld PM and also to my Federal member

This stuff works only if you have a) short haulage distances, b) large volumes of waste (eg a city), c) snow, d) a responsive population, and e) an intelligent government.

I suspect we are almost all not in this situation.


Victorian charity Envision uses 3D printing software to turn plastic bottle lids into mobility aids

Four men pose with colourful plastic limbs.

The Envision Hands team refashions bottle tops into plastic hands and arms.

Related image

That is so awesome what some people can achieve.


The hypocricy continues. Thousands of shoes worn by the Extinction Rebels, sneakers, boots, sandals are part of the plastic problem. Most of those shoes are partly, or in many cases completely, fabricated from plastic and plastic-like materials

Because they're not recyclable, most of them end up in the trash, they pile up in landfills and float down waterways, for hundreds of years. What is the answer to this problem? The answer is the Earthing shoe.

Image result for shoes made from rope

Never heard of the Earthing shoe, they look a bit primitive though. Looks like they might be made of hemp, which is a very sustainable material, tough and uses a lot less water to produce than cotton.

That does look a bit primitive Ray but there are other designs, see here:

However I won’t be wearing one any time soon..I have a pair of the Adidas Parley runner made from recycled ocean plastic. More than 5 million were sold in 2018 and at least 11 million this year.

Image result for adidas shoes made with recycled ocean plastic


Recently, Adidas signed the Climate Protection Charter for the Fashion Industry at the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland..and agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% before 2030.

Great to hear big companies taking initatives like this, not sure I can afford that brand though.

A number of Councils in NSW have changed the 3 bin collection days as well as what is to go in them

.... the garbage bin is now collected fortnightly basis and is transported and processed into landfill.

The recycle bin is also collected fortnghtly on the alernate weeks

and the green bin which collects  food and garden waste is now collected weekly and  taken to the Lake Macquarie Organics Resource Recovery Facility where it is processed into high-quality compost for use on parks, gardens and farms. 

Of course  if the wrong items go in the green or recycling bin it can impact clean material in the truck and reduce the quality of the end product.

Yes we have the same system, but I find that living in a an area where we have holiday rentals those people just don't care. I often check the bins after they leave, I am on good terms with the owners and even had to educate them when they come down to stay and photocopied the information from the council so they could educate their visitors, but still they do not do the right thing.

All very admirable ...

but until governments crack down on the amount of excess packaging large corporations use for tiny items/water/everything, just a drop in the ocean IMO, to coin a sad phrase.

Where are those banana's from? I have  never seen anything like that, I buy mine loose.

Not sure musicveg, but probably in the UK judging by the price label along with these little UK gems. Many others on the link below quite amazing idiocy IMO.



If all that p***es you off, wait until you see this. Why aren't the Brtish extremist rebels camping outside Morrisons and the other shops in the UK???

Good question Reagan. Target the originators.

I thnk consumers need to make better choices, if you stop buying it they stop making it.

I agree musicveg, consumers can lead the way to create change in packaging. We have more power than we think. 


Good to read about initiative in Denmark, thanks musicveg, but here in Oz we appear so backward. Q&A was good last night and provided a little optimism but as John Hewson said, Europe is way ahead of Australia when it comes to dealing with climate change. For example, he said that on the same day that Theresa May declared a 'Climate Emergency' which all parties in Britain were agreed on and prepared to work together for solutions, Australia gave the go ahead to the Adani mine. Nothing will change here until we get rid of our fascist LNP government.

I will watch Q&A tonight, I recorded it. Yes we have no hope with the current Government, but we already knew this, sadly others were not aware. A bunch of dinasaurs will not move us forward, how bad will it be for the economy when we will be lagging behind in the changes of the world.

 "Queensland government approved Adani’s plans to manage groundwater and protect an endangered bird species, clearing the way for the project in the Galilee Basin expected to dig up 10mt of coal every year."

QLD Government is LABOR ???


Hmmm, that looks like fun, while you're skiing on the artificial slope, you're suffocated by the smoke from the incinerator!

Having lived in Denmark for years and had to go over to Norway for skiing trips, this would not appeal to me.