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Anti-masker 'Bunnings Karen' debate goes viral

anti-masker being arrested

A woman refusing to wear a mask inside a Bunnings store has gone viral.

The anti-masker, now known as Karen from Bunnings, walked into a Bunnings store without a mask and was asked to put one on before proceeding.

“Well it’s clear I don’t and you are not authorised to ask me or question me about it,” she says in the self-filmed video.

The woman was asked if she wanted to speak to the manager, who tells her she needs a medical certificate if she wants to continue into the store.

“I actually don’t need a medical certificate,” she says.

“You’re discriminating against me.”

Then another staff member tells her the mask is a condition of entry.

“That’s discrimination and I can have you sued personally for discriminating against me as a woman,” she says.

“It’s an unlawful condition of entry, therefore that exposes you, personally and Bunnings to being sued for discrimination because it is in breach of the 1948 Charter of Human Rights to discriminate against men and women.”

The woman was asked to stop filming several times but she refused.

The woman’s actions and the resulting viral video comes as Victoria recorded one of its highest coronavirus cases on Sunday, with 459 people testing positive and 10 deaths.

Bunnings Chief Operating Officer Deb Poole described ‘Karen’s’ behaviour as “completely unacceptable” and said the safety of customers and staff was the chain’s highest priority.

“We won’t tolerate abuse against our team members and we have security at all metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire stores as support,” she said.

“Our team will also alert the police should they encounter any difficulties.”

Further videos show the woman arguing with police in the carpark after the incident in store.

On the same weekend, she entered an Australia Post office with the same argument and berated a staff member for trying to protect the community.


Some people will do anything to get attention. The fact that these idiots actually film their rant and post it on SM shows the extent to which they will go to seek attention. The fact they are obviously proud of their behaviour just shows how ignorant they are.

Karen has a few loose screws. Masks have got nothing to do with womanhood and therefore are not discriminatory. All Victorians are to wear masks except children below a certain age and those with medical conditions. Karen is a virus

I agree with you

Karen obviously needs a nice holiday in Florida.

If anyone is interested in helping her, I'll set up a 'go fund me page' on Facebook for her. 

One-way ticket of course!!!

Karen should be locked up in a psych ward. She is a threat to society.

Some people seem to think they are above the law. Like she said ' I am a woman and I can do anything I want". Just goes to show you how ignorant she is. No we cannot do anything we like. Nobody can. We all have to abide by the laws of the country we live in otherwise our society would collapse as whole, and we probably would wipe ourselves out.


I agree with you



The thing is, this woman is completely in the wrong and the things she claims are simply not true.

Shops are NOT public places, they are private spaces. The owners invite the public in subject to a series of terms and conditions e.g. you must offer your bags for inspection is asked. The wearing of masks is now a condition of entry. You have a choice, wear a mask and enter, don't wear one and don't enter - better yet stay home in Victoria.

As for the ludicrous claims of sueing for discrimination (because she is a woman she says), or for 'armed kidnapping' as she threatened the police officer, I wish she would try. The costs of any such legal action - assuming she could find a lawyer to take the case - would cost her so much more than the cost of a mask.

Further, Amnesty International has come out and said the requirement to wear a mask is NOT an infringement of any human rights.

The thing is, these COVIDIOTS are playing to the peanut gallery in Social Media. They all film their altercations and post them for their 15 mins of fame. Then complain bitterly when people don't give them the appobation they think they deserve. (Remember the girl last week mouthing off from a script to a policeman checking people in cars leaving the lockdown area who then made her social media 'private' or deleted the account because she did not get the acclaim she thought she was due?).

And today 534 new cases in Victoria. The highest single day total since this all began. What is wrong with these people?


And in NSW the BLM organisers are appealing the Supreme Court banning of tomorrow's march in Sydney. Their arguement is that there were no cases of transmission from the last marches anywhere in Australia. Leaving aside the 6 cases absolutely attributed to marchers in the Melbourne protest, the protests are responsible for people no longer obeying health rules because thousands of people were allowed to march with absolute impunity. If they can march, why should I stay home or wear a mask? That is exactly how the protests are responsible for the situation in Melbourne (and other countries) even where direct transmission may or may not happen.


Karen has lost her marbles and is a threat to society. This is what happens when the mental health care system is practically nonexistent. More Victorians are dying from suicide than COVID 19.


G'day KSS,

I'm glad you have highlighted the marches as a public menace with regards to the COVID-19. I'm of the opinion that they are orchestrated by Anarchists attempting to break down society. After hearing many comments, they are causing a rift between different races. White Lives Matter also.


KSS, as far as I'm concerned, if they march on Tuesday their lives don't matter.

Fedup and Sen.Cit.90, the Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association (AIDA) has come out pleading with the would-be marchers to stay at home.

Up until now Aboriginal communities have lead the COVID response for their peoples and have been very very sucessful in keeping communities and Elders safe. However, there are now two cases in a community in Victoria which has the potential to absolutely devastate Aboriginal communities. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are at far greater risk than non-Aboriginal people of severe COVID illness. If these would-be marchers really cared about "Black Lives" they would stay home.

KSS I agree with your comments

I also agree these fools are not winning anybody over,  carrying on like this and wanting to march at a time like this


The Conscious Truth Network

The woman, who has been approached for comment, posted her video in a private Facebook group called 'The Conscious Truth Network', which describes itself as a “group for conscious and critical thinkers” and “people who are curious enough to question authority”.

James Bartolo runs the organisation The Conscious Truth Network, which is encouraging Victorians in stage 3 lockdown to deliberately breach Covid 19 restrictions, public health orders, including by passing lockdown checkpoints illegally. He is a former soldier in the Australian Army who describes himself as a “truth seeker” and “freedom fighter”

Content he shares covers everything from 5G conspiracies to his belief that the moon landing was faked and that COVID-19 is a “relabeled flu” that isn’t contagious or deadly.


I wonder if this group is funded by George Sorros.

It was reported later that should actually has an exception from a doctor which she showed to the police. So why didn't she mention that before, obviously just trying get the attention she managed to get.



But,  is the doctor's certified exemption genuine ot fradulent. Who checked with the doctor and is 'Karen' the doctor's personal friend , relative or genuine patient. Has her Medicare health treatment claims history verified her alleged medical condition?

If it is found that she is not a genuine person to be exempted on health reasons then would someone throw this public menace and danger to the society in to a dungeon and throw the keys away.



If she has a genuine reason for not wearing a mask, she shouldn't be allowed in public. She should have to self-isolate.

What an idiot.

Sometimes I feel we are going backwards at a rapid rate judging by our Bunnings/Australia Post "Karen"



You are insulting the apes LOL

 The picture you have there is the second idiot that copied Karen

..see previous page

These tarts give us blondes a bad name.

The woman, who was slammed nationwide after her outburst at Bunnings staff members in the Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren on Friday, went on a rant against Australia Post staff after she failed to wear a mask.

“I do not need a mask. If you could stamp that, it would be wonderful,” the woman can be heard saying as she films the employee.

She then tells the staff member he does not have the power to ask her to wear a face mask while he serves her.


:) Suze ... apologies to the apes. I pictured the second idiot as I thought she was further down the scale LOL.

Now they have a script!! Spare me.

The dangerous scripts anti-maskers are using when they’re confronted by police are being shared online to encourage others to use them.

Despicable creature who should be in a asylum for the mentally ill.

The Anti-Mask People Are Just The Anti-Vaccination People With A ...


Anti- vaxxers and anti-maskers should be made to pay for their own hospitalization if and when they contract a disease.

Why should sensible, caring tax payers who do the right thing foot the bill for these parasites!


Karen and people like her should be tied to a large Rock taken out in a boat to the centre of the ocean and dropped in. Some people are too stupid to deserve the privilege of life. Karen is one of these. Jacka. No apologies.

in a case of life imitating fiction when it comes to dopey "Karens" and covid, last April Trump fan MAGA cult member Karen Kolb Sehlke died from COVID-19 after claiming the virus was a “media driven” hoax “controlled by the radical people in powerful places.” ... justice of the unicorn as my kids used to say.


just in case you think it a hoax


using the name Karen is offensive to all the women named Karen. If Coon cheese is offensive then stop using Karen

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