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Anyone sick to death of Back ground music?

Here is one I have written to ask them to cut it out I will do it for many others that use it too -- more that complain the better

Better Homes and Garden email address I have already emailed and asked them to stop the background music so we can hear what is being said

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I had feed back from the email I sent to the firm in the USA, about this back ground music/noise in various documentaries and movies. The lady stated that they go by the number of complaints and her boss has only received two complaints!

So I wish people would voice an opinion if they don't like the excessive noises coming out of these programmes.

I wish people would stand up and be counted too Celia -- I also have emailed and get a "nice"email back but SBA is being done -- below works for everything stand up and be counted PLEASE


Without background music the supermarket would be a very boring place. I asked my local Coles to turn up the sound, He has!!!

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Sorry Reagan, I didn't hear you...I have my ear plugs

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Sorry Reagan too in advance! You can really move and groove there! , And the guy your dancing with is having a blast!! Just Kidding!!

Can you do better Celia????

I'm sure Celia can she has a good sense of humour, but she wll probably be too modest to answer you!


haha, I see men ofyour era still answering for their wives, LOL


 If anyone can’t cope with sensory overload Coles are helping out by dimming the lights by 50 per cent, turning off the radio, turning down register and scanner volumes, avoiding PA announcements and avoiding trolley collections for an hour once a week in 68 of their supermarkets. Quiet hour every Tuesday between 10.30am and 11.30 am was originally intended for autistic people but can be helpful to others.

The manager told me when I asked him to turn up the sound at the local supermarkets.

hmmm Reagan, hmmm

Ha Ha to you to Reagan, at least we don't have to" Answer To"  our wives like some of wimps from you era!!! LOL

Well I would agree with the one about avoiding PA announcements because I and my wife ( you know the one I don't have answer to (not yet anyway) both agree that Coles should get a sound engineer to check out their system . My wife has excellent hearing, not like mine which is a bit selective ( well I can clearly hear her when she shouts out "Dinner's ready" ) The thing is that the PA messages are so garbled and incomprehensible that we've rushed to get a bargain in say the deli dept and found out it was really promoting Xmas cake for their Christmas in July stupid celebration.

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