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Anyone sick to death of Back ground music?

Here is one I have written to ask them to cut it out I will do it for many others that use it too -- more that complain the better

Better Homes and Garden email address I have already emailed and asked them to stop the background music so we can hear what is being said

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Very nice to see you back Cranky.

Regarding our hearing or lack of it.

Husband returned from ear, nose and throat specialist last week.

He approached the topic of hearing aids and which are the best.

Specialist laughed.

Background noise is the problem with hearing as we age he said, also that the hearing aids we have today have no answer for this problem.  No matter how much they try to sell you a super hearing aid. The background noise will still be there.  Science has not caught up with this issue as yet he stated.

Thankyou Celia, nice to be back ..:) 

My hubby has the top of the range hearing aids and wont wear them. 

On a cruise a few weeks ago and we were in the auditorium watching a stage show, and he actually put them in , they picked up the high pitch of the music and it almost deafened him with the screeching, ...that was it...Once more they lay in their box unloved and unwanted whilst I continue to live my life 24/7 with a raised my voice and a red face.

 nothing wrong with background music great for dancing

Regan. I can't go waltzing round the supermarket with a trolly full of groceries...

Well. I could but men in white coats would be busy.

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