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Apple refunding USD$400 million to ebook buyers

In 2012 a suit was filed against Apple and five major ebook publishers accusing them of conspiring to raise the cost of their ebook prices.

The five publichers, (Hachette Book Group, Inc., HarperCollins Publishers, Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Group, Inc., and Simon & Schuster) all settled, Apple on the other hand proceeded to court. 

Four years later, Apple's appeal has been rejected and they are forced to refund USD$400 million to affected customers who purchased ebooks from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and other sellers between April 2010 and May 2012. 

Did you purchase any ebooks during this period? If you did you may wish to check your accounts as you may have received some store credit.  

Read more at The Guardian


That's a good reminder Ryan.

My wife did purchase books during that time, so she'll be looking for a credit.