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Are we creating designer babies?

I'm not sure how I feel about this.   The motives are good, but what happens if a particular ''design' does not meet a desired criteria for example?


""We have the technology. CRISPR is a rapidly evolving technique that can target specific sections of the DNA for modification. It could solve a multitude of problems. But it has also opened up an immense moral and ethical can of worms.

Are we creating designer babies? Or are we curing health crises?

We’re about to find out.

A Chinese researcher claims to have created the first gene-edited human embryos that have then been carried to full term.

The motives of the research team at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUST) in Shenzhen appear noble.

They had recruited seven couples for a clinical trial.

The experiment: creating gene-edited babies.

The purpose: disabling a specific gene — called CCR5 — because of its susceptibility to diseases including smallpox, cholera and HIV.""

Link for full story.


i would say leave  things as they are,     yes,   they may be able to eliminate some diseases,   but who knows what other side effects it may have,    it may get rid of one thing,  only to create another,      concentrate on finding cures for the diseases we have now,  

Leave things as they are, but change things?

I would say leave nature alone -- by all means have a test for any diseases that may be passed on B4 you get pregnant -- and if you are in danger DO NOT HAVE A CHILD

I'm ok with altering DNA for the new born if it is available for everyone, not just the few who can afford it. If it is only available to a limited number we will eventually have two types of humans just as we did in the stone age, but with a slight difference because one species will be super human. Much stronger and much more intelligent. And we know that one species of human was wiped out even though many of us still carry a small amount of their DNA today. 

en Passant, we can forget about the olympic games etc, if this technology is not freely available.

If you can prevent a life changing dissability YES.  If it is going to be used to try to produce a race of perfect humans, NO.  Who knows, an imperfection of today just might be the key link to a new change in the developement of the human race. (Diety of your choice) knows, we need a new kick start as we are not exactly covering ourselves with glory at this stage of our developement.

I don't know what this woman is creating besides a nuisance to the taxpayer, but sterilization comes to mind!


Kelly has 12 children between her and her partner and lives in a cramped home, with the children's bedrooms separated by curtains

So much for the researcher in question.

Chinese scientist who edited twin girls' genes He Jiankui missing for over a week.

Maybe he's been "dealt with".