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Are your TV viewing options about to get a giant boost?

Foxtel is set to announce a partnership with Netflix.

Informed sources say the move will see the addition of Netflix as an app on IQ 4 boxes and an updated Foxtel remote control that includes a Netflix button.

Why the liaison? New research from Roy Morgan might explain.

According to Roy Morgan, 13.355 million Australians have either Netflix or Foxtel.

Analysing the two services separately shows 11.5 million Australians have a household subscription to Netflix whereas around five million have a household subscription to Foxtel and three million have access to both Netflix and Foxtel.

Tech and lifestyle website ETFM says that maintaining those three million subscribers by giving them easier access to their Netflix account with a single remote control – that rumours suggest will incorporate voice control – is critical to reducing churn (customers who cancel their service). “For Netflix, the two million Foxtel users who do not currently have a Netflix subscription is an opportunity. It is for that reason there is some chance that Netflix will include a free trial period for Foxtel users,” the website says.


Let me get this right.  Foxtel charges us for what was once FREE.  So now we only have total crap and weekly reruns on TV.  Netflix does not offer access to anywhere the same number of movies, etc. to Australians as it does to the American domestic market.

Can somebody explain what is such a "good deal"?  I'm lost for words as what we have is the ongoing sale of public assets to corporates who then charge us for what used to be free.

I gather from your comments Mick that you are not a subscriber to either Foxtel or 

Netflix. If that is correct, you are commenting out of ignorance. The service offered by these, and other streaming services, has never been free, not even available.


Correct!   :-)  

MICK is partly correct. Some shows which were free to air are now on Foxtel. An example:

Image result for a place to call home

I don't subcribe to Netflix or Foxtel..both are too boring. I find SBS on demand superior in quality shows and it's free!


MICK, it's all about getting rid of FREE TV. People will adjust themselves to paying for everything.

Sophie, some shows on Netflix are on SBS on demand too.

Free to air tv has become just rubbish. Endless repeats of old series, even bring back stuff from the 60s. News programs which are just a gabble of talking  heads trying to drown each other out. Endless sports programs or cooking shows.

I prefer to watch docos etc via my PC.

ABC television shows aren't bad.

I wish they would bring back "F Troop".

I would like to see more F value for Australians.

Great (not) - even more CRAP from which to choose. And you'll pay for it...

What I can't understand is why there are channels totally devoted to sport, yet the other remaining TV Channels are also broadcasting sporting content.  There is poor choice remaining for those who are not followers of Golf, Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Cricket.  

We don't seem to have Rating Seasons any more either.  At least we could once look forward to half decent program content in the lead up to Ratings.

Does anyone still assess and oversee the quality and variety of the programs  broadcast on TV?   There are movies that have been re-broadcast several times within a very short period of time.   Repeats of Repeats, and full of Funeral Insurance advertisements.    For the elderly who reside in care facilities or in their own homes, if they wish to watch a midday movie,  the saturation of Funeral Insurance ads contained therein is totally distasteful to say the very  least.

The "Off" button on the TV Remote Control is the only solution some days.   


I don't have any trouble finding things to watch for free, I record most programs that are aired free on TV (using two TV's with set top boxes, yes still the old CRT's) and then skip all the adds by fast forwarding when watching them, saves a lot of wasted time. I also get DVD's from the library. Why pay for anything, sure you might have to wait awhile to watch the new releases but it saves a lot of money. Besides I don't have good enough or enough for that matter of data to waste.

Foxtel pathetic service countless lack of service five new set top boxes in 18 months agreed compensation for downtime never occurs or is not reasonable so if Foxtel will be the provider forget it

Murdoch is a toxic poison on our culture, and there is no way the opportunity to pay him a hefty monthly fee to watch shows filled with ads is even vaguely attractive. Foxtel - not in a fit.

i get really annoyed when a good show is put on free to air,    on the ABC,     THEN,   the second part of the series goes to FOXTEL,    THIS was so with a GREAT show that started on abc,   PEAKY BLINDERS,     i watched the first serier,    then when the second,   and third series came out,   they went to FOXTEL,    i ended up buying the 2/3rd series,    i have no need for foxtel,  if it starts on a channel,  it should stick to it,