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Arthritic Patients face a 23% higher risk of developing heart failure

Millions of arthritis patients face a 23% higher risk of developing heart failure because of their painkillers, concludes study
More than eight million people in the UK and 30 million in the US have osteoarthritis - when the cartilage gradually becomes thin. Treatment often revolves around painkillers.


Celia -  That is very interesting. The other night I was watching NITV Channel34. The story was about how many Indigenous children and contracting Rheumatic Fever, this has been going on for many years. It's caused by a throat virus and if not treated immediately it can affect the heart. Some children on the programme have had multi heart operations. They have to take Warfrin tablets for life and Penicillin injections every month. It seems to affect the young people in the Northern part of New Zealand as well. It runs in families. The health department are now starting to swab the children's throats to check for infections. Very interesting.

Hi Hola.  That is very interesting and a great worry.

Also NEVER take NSAIDs with and Diuretic as they cause kidney failure  and so many Drs are not aware of this -- always ask the chemist

There is always a side effect to treatment.

Lets take chronic nerve pain that suddenly produces continuous pain 24hrs a day. Doctors are unsure of the cause and are unsure if it will ever stop.

For a long time opiates were restricted because their effectiveness wears off over the years. The person may need pain treatment for cancer in later years and there is nothing much that works anymore...

On the other hand, for a person to be in continuous pain, there is a cardio adrenal effect that puts a strain on the heart. Its like a wild animal has you by the back of the neck and you are trying to escape. You will die sooner than you normally would, if you dont have treatment to block the pain.

I can't take painkillers including NSAIDs due to other medications. Have osteo, lower back disc damage and some arthritis. Excruciating at times plus associated muscle spasms.

Thank goodness for stretches, heat packs, magnesium, self-hypnosis, brain-retraining and distractions like YLC.

RnR I am very interested in this brain training you speak off, have you heard of Lorimer Mosely,  I am to attend a pain clinic and they are telling me all about brain retraining -- I have not yet attended but I will do anything to rid myself of chronic pain  -- have you attended a pain clinic?  and can you tell me what are your thoughts on this and also this Lorimer bloke, please

No PlanB I haven't attended a pain clinic but I think it's well worth a go.

Anything to lessen the discomfort of pain is good in my book, particularly for those who can't take/tolerate pain killers, and to lessen the amount of drugs needed that have worring side-effects.

An interesting read below:

I have had some talkfests --  3 -- at the Pain Clinic -- that really made no sense  to me at all -- saying that pain ALL pain can be controlled with the mind -- I agree some might be able to but a lot won't be able to be -- I am willing to attend yet again for the full day just to get to the bottom of it all -- but the trouble is I like to ask a lot of questions that they never have answers for

BTW thanks RnR for the site also