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Assistance package - $750

Are you entitled to receive the $750 dollars as promised by the PM? If you are, have you got it? Or are you still waiting?


I got one lot, but thought there would be a second one? That would be nice. 

Second one is due in July

I've had one payment but it was $650 not the $750 announced by the government.

I have not received the $750 economic stimulus money yet.

I got my $750.00 on 3 April 2020.


Assume everyone here is talking about those that are on centrelink benefits of some sort. Even some semi retired, SFRs etc are eligible for the Job Keeper stimulus if they are working at least part time. For those that are in that situation they need to get their employer motivated to fill in the apllications etc (as long as they comprehend and not in a fugue state) !!!  There are deadlines for this package. Worth nearly $20,000.00. 


No johnp they are not talking about the Job Keeper payments.

Even if someone just has the CSHC card but working part time as well I believe they are also entitled to the JobKeeper payments ??  As well as the $750 stimulus talked about here. I dont believe there is an age discrimination there ??

Stop using the term Job Keeper, this discussion is about the Economic Stimulus payment via Centrelink. The Job Keeper is through the ATO

No I didn't receive the $750. 

Retiringwell.  If you are on any centrelink aged benefit give them a call !!

Do not call them, if you were receiving Age Pension and In Australia as of 12/3/20, you will be paid it by end of April.

We received letters first that the payment went in on April 8, so just hang in there as there are 2 weeks till the end of the month.

I got my $750 a few days ago