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Aussie singer into grand final at Eurovision

Australia is in the grand final of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest after Kate Miller-Heidke dazzled both the audience and the jury from atop a two-storey pole and wearing a sparkling three-metre tulle-and-crystal dress.

The European Broadcasting Union invited Australia to compete in 2015 as a ‘one-off’ special guest to celebrate the competition’s 60th anniversary. We’ve participated every year since.

Ms Miller-Heidke's song, Zero Gravity, channels her battle with depression after the birth of her son, Ernie.

Her semi-final success in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, this morning puts Australia among the 20 countries that advance to the grand final to meet the host country, Israel, and the ‘big five’ – France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Along with Australia, Greece, Belarus, Serbia, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Iceland, San Marino and Slovenia also booked slots in the grand final.

The final scores for each performance are compiled by adding audience ‘televoting’ and scores assigned by the juries.

Betting agencies had Zero Gravity in ninth position among the 41 competing countries last weekend but have now elevated it into third place, behind the Netherlands and Sweden.

The 64th Eurovision Song Contest is live on SBS on Friday and Sunday at 5am, and repeated on Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 8.30pm.

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Good luck to this amazing singer, she has all the winning qualities. I wish her well !

She is unique. Somewhat reminiscent of Kate Bush in her day. She will win.

Amazing voice, amazing talent and I wish her well. Just one small criticism....there were other singers in the song who were not present on the stage...or if they were you couldn’t see them. I think all contributing to a song should be shown, otherwise it comes across like a recording background which is a bit off putting for the authenticity of Eurovision.


For a nation relatively new to Eurovision we are doing brilliantly

Don't get ahead of yourselves. The same things were said about Guy Sebastian (2015), Dami Im (she was truly robbed and by a song that had already been released which is actually against the rules) 2016, Isaiah Firebrace (2017) and Jessica Mauboy (2018).

Good luck to her but Europe will not let Australia win!


You could be right. However, I'd like to point out that Israel, as part of the Middle East, [which] is usually considered part of Asia!  So the entry/winner should have been considered in the same way with the voting public, judges & oversite body would have been expected to treat both our countries with the same consideration. 

Wishing Kate Miller-Heidke all the luck in the world. I saw her on Australian Story the other night. She is lovely and has a

great voice. 


Nominated for twelve ARIA Awards, won four Helpmann Awards, and was the first Australian to win the grand prize for the International Songwriting Competition. Performed on many stages, Coachella, to the London Coliseum, Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, Sydney Opera House. We are lucky to have her representing us, good luck Kate.

Yep she stands a very good chance of winning providig this lot don't turn up, hard to beat their unique sound, hahaha

HAHAHA thanks for the laugh ABE.

WOW! I just saw her performance on telly (Eurovision) with the sound turned up full blast. INCREDIBLE! So much better than viewing on YouTube. I really think she could win :). What happens if she does? Do we then hold it in Australia next year?

I  wish our Australia singer well.My daughter will be watching the show with her friends.

I  wish our Australia singer well.My daughter will be watching the show with her friends.

Great effort.

no way they will let the prize go to an Aussie!

9th on the list RnR kindly provided is not bad

.... she sang quite well but is no Nana Mouskuri.

I must say I watched the finals and was not too impressed with our choice of song.

Kate has a powerful opera and pop voice, but bthe song was a bit overdone and pretentious for a simple commercial and quirky event like eurovision

she would have been better off going for a song with more commercial appeal and more cheeziness - lol

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