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Aussies expect more droughts and floods

Eight in 10 Australians (81 per cent) are now concerned about climate change resulting in more droughts and flooding according to a new benchmark report released on Wednesday by the Australia Institute.

The annual Climate of the Nation benchmark report has tracked Australian attitudes on climate change for over a decade. This is the second Climate of the Nation report produced by The Australia Institute, after being produced for a decade by the Climate Institute.

The report found that:

  • Eight in 10 (81 per cent) Australians are concerned that climate change will result in more droughts and flooding, up from 78 per cent in 2018
  • Majority of Australians (68 per cent) agree that the Government should plan for an orderly phase-out of coal so that workers and communities can be prepared
  • Majority of Australians (54 per cent) reject the idea that Australia should not act on climate change until other major emitters like US and China do so (25 per cent agree we should not act, 21 per cent neutral/don't know)
  • Almost two thirds of Australians (64 per cent) think the country should have a national target for net-zero emissions by 2050, similar to the United Kingdom
  • Most Australians blame increasing electricity prices on the excessive profit margins of electricity companies (57 per cent, up from 55 per cent) or the privatisation of electricity infrastructure (55 per cent, up from 52 per cent).


The report was launched by Zali Steggall, the federal member for Warringah.

“This latest report shows that Australians support far more ambitious climate and energy policies than the Federal Government is currently delivering,” Ms Steggall said.

“Australians are rightly concerned about more extreme heat waves, droughts and bushfires and they want the Morrison Government to show leadership on climate change and do more to prepare for the impacts that are already locked in.”

What do you think? Should Australia prepare for more natural disasters if climate change is not addressed?

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Yeah, I'm in two minds on this one as well. 

On the one hand, I'm impressed with the kids who choose to march. They seem to be so much more involved with the world around them than I was at their age.  I guess we have the internet to thank (or blame, depending on your viewpoint) for that.  Not to mention teachers who also have a much bigger impact on kids than they maybe once had. More often than not both parents need to work today just to keep a roof over their heads.  Life lessons are more often than not learnt at school these days it seems. 

That brings up another thing, some feel teachers have too much impact on the kids and should stick to the three Rs.  That's not my view but I can see why people might feel that way.  My overall impression of these kids is that they are genuinely concerned about the future and they give me hope tbh. After all, it is their future we are talking about, most of us will be long gone before the situation gets totally out of hand. They are the generation that will have to deal with it, and I have more faith in them than in the pollies of today.

On the other hand, I too have some concerns about the way this subject might be impacting on young minds. The fear of what the future holds is also real, especially for them.  Youth suicide is a real problem. We hear about bullying of kids at school or on social media leading to suicide.  Also, the pressure of exams has been mentioned.  Do we really have to add one more thing for them to obsess over? 

I can remember when we didn't report on suicides. The reasoning behind that back then was that reporting on it might lead to more of the same.  There might be some merit in that idea.  These days we tend to not only report on it but kind of hold up the poor deceased kids as some sort of hero, or martyr.   Ok, I know I got a bit off track there, but while I really admire the kids, and am hopeful for the future because of them, I also worry about their wellbeing.  And that's why I have trouble making up my mind on whether these marches are a good thing or a bad thing.  I think I might just sit on the fence on this one.  I've probably rattled on long enough anyway.  :)


Couldn't get through to my fav coffee place this morning because the Extinction Rebellion mob are out in force. Who are these people? Never heard of themuntil today. Oldies being dragged away, this one's taking it easy, hope they can all get back home. Geez

An disgruntled office worker looks on as protesters march through the CBD. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

The march went down Bourke St mall. Picture: Asanka Brendon Ratnayake

This one used his petrol guzzling ute to pull his pink boat to highlight there won't be any water to sail it or whatever - police carted himm off LOL

Police stopped this ute towing a boat in Melbourne. Picture: Aneeka Simonis

Extinction Rebellion has been around for a few years mainly in England, here is their website to find out why they are doing this:

Looks like the UK police aren't feelig the love!

Thanks RnR for some good news for a change, but we still need a lot of work done to prevent more extinction of a lot of wildlife.

Re the Extinction Rebellion

They sure are using an interesting Swastika

Sorry about your morning coffee Reagan 

Yeah, but there's more. Gonna miss out again on Friday when they storm Collins Street for a protest outside BHP offices in Collins Street. I usually have my coffee at the Falcon cafe @ 367 Collins. This time they will not only be noisy but naked, sure will scare the little falcon chicks. Imbeciles the lot of them.


That's a bit harsh Reagan, just because these people care about the future, they have tried to get the Governments attention in other ways but it is not working, so what if you have to go somewhere else for your coffee. These people are only trying to make a point that it is serious that Governments act now not in 20 years time. Already a lot of the corporate world is on board.

Meaning of the word imbecile:

A person who is considered foolish or stupid.n.A person of moderate to severe mental retardation having a mental age of from three to seven years and generally being capable of some degree of communication and performance of simple tasks under supervision. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive. To make imbecile; weaken.

They are copying the Hong Kong chaos ... so expect them for a long time.

There is an advantage in living in the Rural areas, as you do not have to put up with these sort of D @$ # s

Sorry if I offended you musicveg, but I use the Cambridge dictionary as my guide. 

Will you be in Collins st. on Friday naked and making a lot of noise? I’ll give you a wave as they push you and the others in the paddy wagon.


You did not offend me, just wanted to know why you were so harsh for those who are caring about doing something about the future.

No too far for me to travel and too cold in Victoria. Personally I feel there are other things you can do to change the world nakedness/protests is not my priority.


Who's future??? Not mine, I take care of my own future. These layabouts are shutting down streets in Melbourne - those businesses are the ones that pay their Newstart allowance - now they want it increased to have more money to cause more disruptions, LOLOLOL

Well of course it may not be your future and probably why you do not care. Also don't assume they are all on Newstart, many are students, workers, artists, business owners themselves, and entrenpanuars. I also noticed a lot of retired (older people) in the crowd, so maybe a few on the pension. 

They should reduce the pensions, newstart and all other govt subsidies of the people causing this rumpus, to pay for the messes they are causing. Ahh got my coffee at last!

Image result for falcon cafe coffee

HAHAH good one Reag.

These people are a lot of cheats. They steal the Lakota Sioux culture symbol, put a circle around it and call it their own.

Image result for lakota symbols

Where's the campaign on plastic waste our two faced PM Trump-Mo extolled to the world while at the UN in New York? The campaign his environment minister knew nothing about and is not in the budget?  This was used as a smoke screen to divert attention from our pathetic efforts to reach emissions targets. What about the 'vast' sum of $20 million transfered from one fund to another to clean up plastic from the Pacific Ocean?  That should be enough to clean Cronulla and Bondi beaches for a few months. How is this to be used? Clearly an 'on water issue' so subjects to the usual LNP secrecy.  If only our PM could get beyond 'Canberra bubble' and 'gossip' in response to questions he might just start to explain his policies to the only people he tells the UN he is answerable to, us!

Scomo is definately using his clean up plastics in the Ocean as a diversion, there are many people already doing more work than the Governments take for example this:

Hope they looked at the weather forecast for Melbourne before  plans of strutting around naked

12 Oct18 / 7 °C Morning clouds.

They going to superglue themselves to the street. hahah love to see that.


Hope they're lying face downwards when they glue themselves naked, LOL

If they stuff up the Aussie economy there will be no "welfare" for anyone!  I wonder if they have thought of that!!!!

Look at these idiots, all over Perth yesterday and today. Said to one who was blocking my way, what is your purpose? The answer was they want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero within five years. Hmm, I said, no can do unless you all stop accepting government allowances, to pay for it, these things cost money you know. He was not amused. Another one piped up, ït's a socialist rebellion. But, I said I thought it was about climate change. That too, the fathead replied. 

Extinction Rebellion climate protesters outside Newspaper House.

Source: The West newspaper.


I think it is great that they are so creative, better get used to it ABE it is not going to stop unless there is real change not empty promises. Maybe you should of sat down and had a proper conversation not just a flippant exchange of words. He was not amused! Why should he be when you are presuming that he was on welfare and not taking the topic seriously.

musicveg, musicveg, musicveg. I understand you feel the need to stick up for these time wasters, but believe me, most of them don't know what they are protesting about. It's a follow the crowd mentality. 

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