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Australia fails the oral health test

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has released it first national oral health check and, unfortunately, we failed.

Australia's Oral Health Tracker revealed that more than 90 per cent of adults have, or have experienced, decay in their permanent teeth.

Also, only half of all adults brush their teeth as recommended (twice a day) and smoking and alcohol consumption is a major contributor to our oral health woes. 

Perhaps more alarming is the rate of tooth decay among Aussie children, with one-third having decay in their baby teeth. Three in four consume too much sugar.

"The evidence shows that one-third of Australia's five to six year-olds have had decay in their baby teeth," said Federal President of the Australian Dental Association, Dr Hugo Sachs.

"This is an unacceptably high rate and puts these children at risk of poor oral health in their development and adult years."

The report also revealed that, in 2015-16, there were 67,266 preventable hospitalisations for oral health problems. Around one-third of these cases involved children under the age of nine years. One in ten cases were preventable admissions due to dental conditions.

"With poor oral health linked to a range of diseases in adulthood it's critical governments work to ensure healthy oral health habits among the young," said Dr Sachs.



Thought the norm in humans was that children start losing “babyteeth between ages 4 and 7... the aticle above tries to show alarm at age 6

Also they are trying to push the job of teeth cleaning onto teachers

...what is wrong with the modern day parents ?

Have you seen the babies with soft drink like cola in their bottles? Parents just don't think baby teeth are importent. Problem is it sets the kids up for tooth decay, obesity and dependance on sugar quite possibly for life.

"Also they are trying to push the job of teeth cleaning onto teachers"

Really? Where does it say that?

Actually there was a news report just the other day where toothbrushes were being sent to schools and the teachers were giving the kids lessons in how and when to brush their teeth. Why? Because parents are derilict in their parenting duty and failing to teach their own kids at home.

Some parents need lessons on oral hygiene sadly...

I was lucky to have very strong teeth from young.. My younger sister had chaulky teeth as a youngster, my Mother hated drinking milk and maybe that was the cause. Unfortunately she had to have the entire top teeth extracted when she was 16 and had false teeth. I always brush my teeth twice and sometimes three times a day. 

Those little denta brushes are good too HOLA even better than flossing.

You obviously have bad teeth Reagan - get your teeth straightened and close those gaps

Why are you attacking me Raphel???

Surprised you can even "speak"without any teeth.

Just saying that if you can use get those denta brushes between your teeth Reagan/Micha, then you obviously have large gaps

Braces will fix that

If you consider that attacking in stead of sound advice, that's your problem


avatarMicha1 min ago


Why are you attacking me Raphel???

Surprised you can even "speak"without any teeth.



The brushes come in different sizes Raphel

Image result for different sizes of dental brushes

obviously if you have false teeth as you probably have, you can't use them. No space between the teeth.

i know Reagan - it for people who dont have perfectly aligned teeth 

you obviously never got your teeth fixed as a kid

Well..I guess some people have to say something even when they have nothing to say. Using interdental brushes has absolutely nothing to do with how teeth are aligned…what utter rubbish!

In a normal set of teeth..there are some which have slight spaces and others where there are no spaces. Interdental brushes are designed to reach where they can and when that’s not possible..then flossing is the way to go.

Flossing alone is not recommended these days by good dentists..I do both as advised by my own dentist.


Great video Micha, LOL

Very lucky am I, have all my own teeth and hope to hang on to them. Big mistake parents letting kids use electric toothbrushes, they never learn to clean their teeth properly with those things. Look after ya teeth or they'll leave home

Image result for poem about teeth by pam ayres


That's Raphel's last  tooth leaving home, hahaha

Totally agree abhout the electric toothbrushes Reagan. We never bought them for our kids until high school.

I have all my own teeth and have used electronic toothbrushes for years, recommended by my dentist. Those who have knocked electronic toothbrushes have not provided good reasoning. I also think the little brushes are great - better than dental floss, but they are expensive. I question the cost of dental care - toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. I bet it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much to produce as what we are asked to pay. 

The small interdental brushes are a lot cheaper on EBay ... 150 for $1.32 :: 1100 for $5.47 inclusive of postage ...diferent styles available.

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