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Australian Bush Fires

Australia's 1,000 MILE wall of fire: More than 140 blazes tear through Queensland - as 10,000 residents are urged to grab their loved ones and flee NOW

More than 140 blazes tear through Queensland as residents are urged to flee

Nearly 10,000 people have been told to flee immediately as more than 100 fast-moving blazes tear through Queensland amid the state's bushfire crisis.  Thousands of people were evacuated from communities in central Queensland after catastrophic fire conditions on Wednesday. Early on Thursday, residents of two more communities - Campwin Beach and Sarina Beach south of Mackay - were woken by police and emergency text messages telling them they were in danger and to move to safety immediately. About 140 bushfires are burning across an almost 2,000km stretch from Yungaburra, south of Cairns, to Mount French, west of the Gold Coast.

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I have to add this comment - The Australian  Bushfires thread was started by Celia one year ago. Since then Celia

does not comment any more because she was treated not very nicely by certain members of YLC.   

 Another one of my friends has resigned as well. He liked the thread but

sarcastic remarks that were aimed at him forced him out.


Both of your friends were banned, hence the reason why they do not comment anymore.

You are quite correct NY19, no one but YLC Admin can close a thread. I should have said no one in our group will be commenting on this thread any further.

Of course you now have the option of running two threads on bushfires. Good luck!


How come you know inside information about my friends?, you don't even know who I'm

talking about. This is a very serious accusation and I will be following it on. Nobody can know

who has been banned unless they have inside information and that is a breach of YLC rules.

Celia was not banned KIAH. She was never nasty or rude. She left because she was treated so badly by your mob of so-called family/friends.

Hola, I can name many people who have left because of the bullying behaviour of Kiah, Reagan, Sophie, Abe, Bijou, Ray and Banjo over the years. We who are left have been determined that we won't be run off by bullies.

NY19 - Thanks for backing me up. 

Kiah you are still at it talking behind peoples back and being nasty I see!  I was never banned I just got fed up talking to a lot of senile folk on this group thats all, I have better things to do with my life than listening to the likes of you fluffing your feathers to make yourself sound important when you are not.  [grin] Bye for now have a nice Sunday.

My Quote: "Both of your friends were banned, hence the reason why they do not comment anymore."


There is no mention of "Celia" in my post. If any of these people are your friends, all you have to do is what friends do, ring them up or send them an email. Are you saying your "friends" refrained from giving you their contact information!

Now this is my final post and this was just to clear up a point. Cheers!







Hi Ny19, thanks for backing Hola up;  this Group could be really great if some folks were permanently banned from it, I am sure a lot more pleasant folks would come on and chat and relax feeling comfortable amongst like minded people, it is a shame just a few think they are the answer to everyones opinions!

For the information of those types;     I have met up with a few of the nice people and I communicate privately with them.   Bye for now....



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Come on Celia, put them out of their misery, tell them who you really are. You and I both know who you are, hahaha

Before you disappear again, please give Hola your email address, she is pining, lol

 Bye for now

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KIAH, you did the right thing, wrapping this up. Now that Celia is back, she can take over, LOL

Besides, we have two celebrations: Hanukkah and Christmas which fall around the same time.

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Too busy, lots of love to all from ABE!



        Hope you all have a great Christmas and an improved New Year.


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              The Thirsty Koala Fund now stands at $1,943,130







Quote of the Week

"At a time when so much of the landscape has burnt, it's a very damaging act to be logging some of the last unburnt refuges of koalas in particular and many other species. It's like they've got the foot on the accelerator to have the last go at these forests." - Dominic King, the mayor of Bellingen  a formerly lush shire now desiccated and encircled by bushfires  pleading with the Berejiklian government to halt logging of native forests until the bushfire crisis is over and the extent of the damage to koala populations and their habitat is understood.

Peter Fitzsimons, Sydney Morning Herald 8/12/2019


"Final" posts by the Troll family?  Whooo hooooo I'd like to see that!

Justice finally prevails!  

Cracks open the Champers!

(I know I know - wishful thinking....hahahaha) 



Whoooo hooo, hahahaha grunts the omnivore. 

Only a philistine will call champagne   "champers." Lolololol

Are you a snob? Everyone in Oz says "champers" except perhaps monied twits who think they are too good to sound real Aussie.

Yep, I am a "snob" - you are a troll, please display a different attitude other than that of a buffoon.


"buffoon"? Who in Oz says "buffoon"?

.... super old wrinkly Trolls might say that? lololol  

They would have to be very, very old and full of themselves. So non Oz :)



ABE - I have had Celia's private email address and a few others for many years, I am not pining for her, she and others are valued friends. I was never turned down by anyone for their email address',  and I never hesitated to give mine, 


LOL hi Hola! 

Thank you valued friend.  

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I don't blame you for not commenting on this thread KIAH. It is a shame that such an excellent thread is not going to be utilised. 

Hope most have a good Christmas and I shall be keeping in touch privately of course.


Have a very happy Xmas Aviator in Canberra...or is it NZ? hard to tell since you have named both places as your home???? We will be thinking of you as we burn and choke.


I feel quite sure Aviator nor any of us will be thinking of you. Stop behaving like a buffoon and seek some medical help.


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Oh boo hoo "Flyboy" - get a grip!  It was you lot of nasty Trolls that totally annihilated the "excellent thread" that was already being "utilised" prior to Celia's being resurrected from approx. a year ago!!

lol Ny19  -  maybe their other Bridge is in N.Z?

"and seek some medical help" is typical childish troll talk. Ha ha, you keep giving yourself away with your troll cliches and seem not to recognise it!

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Not "champers"  - you're not champing at the bit are you? 

Have a good night, LOL



lol - only got to look at the inane pics. that "Trollboy" posts to see the incredible intellect it exudes!


Well hello again Aviator, 

Re: And I quote “....I will be keeping in touch privately of course”

WHAT??!! You‘te on the Kiah, Bijou, Ray, Sophie, Banjo, Abe, Reagan Private email list as well?  

Stewth you’ve only been here since March 2019 and feel the private messaging facility has been off line so to speak for at least 6/7 months...Thus can only assume you must have grabbed that small window of opportunity with both hands and feet to get on THAT email list - a sort of ‘speed cyber-friendship‘ if you will....Unless of course you knew each other beyond the forum prior to March 2019 and before you morphed into Aviator - or whatever!


Actually starting to feel a bit left out by NOT being in that particular email loop!  ROMLPYRIOVXYZ or whatever the letters are or LOL.

You’ve gotta laugh!


It’s a fine day where I am and close on 11am. I am looking forward to my day’s activities. I feel extraordinarily drawn to your persona. I feel you’re a delusional person on the brink of dementia. 

I do not understand your need to troll me or anyone else except for the fact that you are mentally challenged. I sympathise with anyone who has the misfortune to be involved with you, but most of all, I feel sorry the YLC Management think you and Foxy are worthy material for their forum.




Oh really - you think that do you? Well I for one don't give a rats what you "think"!

You lot are abusive - ruin people's "Topics" are bitter and nasty to many many people on this Forum!

When people retaliate to the nastiness after putting up with it for such a long time - you lot start mentioning "YLC" - "Management" etc. etc. like you are the victims???

Gimme' a break!  You and your mob are disgusting hateful people!

Interesting that members know the exact names and mention them ALL in their posts: Coincidence? hahahaa - doubt it!!


....and you lot talk about "grandchildren"?  My My what an example you lot set!!  Disgusting keyboard TROLLS ........







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Bravo Aviator and Ray, excellent posts.

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Bon voyage Ray, lots of love, ABE & Co



Only a troll would call Ray's disgusting OTT aggressive post "excellent". Good to see it has been removed.

........ exactly Ny19 - excellent that it has been removed!  :))

Couple of trolls calling anyone a “troll” makes even the troll king split his sides with laughter, LOL


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The truth is always considered “OTT” however the truth is the truth and I applaud RAY for his honesty.

Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake, Jesus was crucified on the cross, Mahatma Gandhi assassinated so was Martin Luther King and many others died for telling the truth.

Denying the truth, doesn’t change the facts.


Vive la vérité !!


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Celia - That is what I wanted to know, all the information of bushfires etc. 

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After being largely absent from the political scene since being ousted from the nation's top job, Mr Turnbull appeared on Monday night's Q&A program 

Did anyone watch Q & A last night?   I missed it, how did Turnbull come across?  He and Albanese agreed I hear, this is why he was booted sadly he is too left for the Libs.

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