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Australian Bush Fires

Australia's 1,000 MILE wall of fire: More than 140 blazes tear through Queensland - as 10,000 residents are urged to grab their loved ones and flee NOW

More than 140 blazes tear through Queensland as residents are urged to flee

Nearly 10,000 people have been told to flee immediately as more than 100 fast-moving blazes tear through Queensland amid the state's bushfire crisis.  Thousands of people were evacuated from communities in central Queensland after catastrophic fire conditions on Wednesday. Early on Thursday, residents of two more communities - Campwin Beach and Sarina Beach south of Mackay - were woken by police and emergency text messages telling them they were in danger and to move to safety immediately. About 140 bushfires are burning across an almost 2,000km stretch from Yungaburra, south of Cairns, to Mount French, west of the Gold Coast.

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Nothing so frightening as being up close and personal with a bush fire. 

The trees are like massive torches in the night sky, these are memories as a child in the South West of our WA state when a bush fire came close to town.

we have them every year CELIA,    a dreadful sight,  and such a lose .  not just human life,  but so much wildlife , and fauna are decimated,   i could think of nothing worse than being caught up in the midst of  one,    the ones that have been burning in CALIFORNIA have been horrendous,    our fireys do such a wonderful job,  

Yes Cats have to agree with you.  The Celebrant that conducted my late mothers funeral volunteers for this in our south west.   I find these big fires frightening.

The moving story behind a viral photo of a firefighter giving an abandoned four-week-old puppy a drink of water while battling 140 bushfires tearing through Queensland Moving story behind viral photo of a firefighter cradling an abandoned puppy and feeding

NEW An adorable photo of a heroic fireman who saved a four-week-old puppy during Queensland's disastrous fires has gone viral.  The unnamed female puppy was given a drink of water by firefighter Blake Hyland after it was rescued near Baffle Creek.  Jason Holm, 48, and his family evacuated their home, taking their four dogs and two of the three female puppies with them.

Lovely story, thanks Celia.

We have spent many happy holidays in and around Baffle Creek, Rules Beach, Agnes Water, Seventeen Seventy and Eungella/Broken River ... which have been and are still being threatened by the fires. So sad to see.

Live Queensland bushfires advice:

Record high temperatures, tinder dry bushes,low humidity and fierce winds. A perfect storm for bushfires.

The firefighters are real heroes.

Yes Tedwalker.

Husband and I were driving to a couple of different shopping centres yesterday and could not help notice the residential properties that were unkept. Tall long grass all around the houses and dry timber fences and trees over hanging homes.  Usually these are rentals.

Now the councils always keep on the back of people that own vacant land to keep fire breaks in order even in the metro area, but they don't do anything about these neglected homes, it only needs a person to throw an old smoke into these dry grasses and up it goes home and all.

Not to mention the dry timbers under the trees that just sit on the ground waiting for something to happen.   There is a lot of Crown land around and the Banksia will flare up in these high winds we get off the sw coast of wa lately.

Another bad fire day forecast up here in Queensland.

Residents in bushfire-affected areas of Queensland are being reminded to stay alert, with temperatures in parts of the state set to soar into the mid-40s today Sunday.

44 degrees in my neck of the woods last Wednesday with fire levels up to catastrophic ...never seen heat like it in these parts before..

Scary stuff Shetso1.

It's hard to believe over 100  fires are raging.

My thoughts are with all that are anywhere near these dreadful fires,   seems they are worse this year -- and I know around my area there has been no burning off at all -- we live in fear -- I also feel for the poor wildlife -- they also suffer horribly 

The USA as you have said has also been horrendous and heartbreaking







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Well done to Country Fire Authority (CFA) Victoria for answering the call for more firefighting resources to be deployed to assist with the New South Wales bushfire emergency.

Many of the Victorian firefighters who flew north to help fight the deadly bushfires have returned home. More than 600 Country Fire Authority personnel went to battle the blazes in NSW and Queensland earlier this week.

On Friday, 250 of them flew home again as the fire danger decreased. Not only our firefighters who give up their time to protect lives and properties in NSW, but also the families, loved ones and businesses that allowed their members to assist with this emergency.


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   Hundreds of Victorian firefighters have returned after fighting fires in NSW.

Pictures by Joe Armao

Thank you KIAH for continuing this humanitarian and caring thread and thank you to Victoria. Western Australia too sent dozens of volunteer firefighters to New South Wales to assist local crews.

We’re holding our breath here in the West. Fire authorities have warned however, after a series of relatively mild summers and a relatively dry winter this year, bushfire conditions heading into Summer could be some of the worst seen in recent years. Already this seasonthree fires have triggered emergency warnings and with a hotter than average summer predicted, authorities are bracing for plenty more.

Let’s hope WA fares better Bijou and who can forget Black Saturday here in Victoria in 2009.

Approximately 400 fires were recorded across Victoria, affecting 78 communities. A total of 173 people died in the fires, and 2029 houses were lost. None of our relatives but close family friends in Bendigo and Horsham were affected.


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Good on you KIAH, a pretty decent thread, I'd say, sure beats the other crap we've been subjected to.

Look at this, done by little kids, read all about it here:


Just lovely ABE..and this.. from the firies who are already doing so much..

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Nearly 500 homes have been lost in New South Wales in this bushfire season to date, the Rural Fire Service has confirmed. The burnt area statewide now covers more than 1,650,000 hectares — more than during the past three bushfire seasons combine. Not to mention the animals.


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