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Australian Bush Fires

Australia's 1,000 MILE wall of fire: More than 140 blazes tear through Queensland - as 10,000 residents are urged to grab their loved ones and flee NOW

More than 140 blazes tear through Queensland as residents are urged to flee

Nearly 10,000 people have been told to flee immediately as more than 100 fast-moving blazes tear through Queensland amid the state's bushfire crisis.  Thousands of people were evacuated from communities in central Queensland after catastrophic fire conditions on Wednesday. Early on Thursday, residents of two more communities - Campwin Beach and Sarina Beach south of Mackay - were woken by police and emergency text messages telling them they were in danger and to move to safety immediately. About 140 bushfires are burning across an almost 2,000km stretch from Yungaburra, south of Cairns, to Mount French, west of the Gold Coast.


The Prime Minister has gone on The Ben Fordham Show to surprise an incredible 11-year-old boy who’s raised over $1.5 million for our farmers.

A real feel good story. Well done Jack Bearne!

Now that is just wonderful KIAH. What a delightful's always so inspirational when you read of young people putting others before themselves.

Thank you for posting :)

Always thinking of others. The Australian Firefighters Calendar was established in 1993 to support the Children's Hospital Foundation, providing funds for research into childhood burns.

Now in its 27th year, The Australian Firefighters Calendar has raised over $3 million for various charities.


                   2020 Firefighters Calendar 'Dog Calendar'

                                               My favourite!

Saucy! In the absence of a marine life calendar KIAH, I will go for the wildlife one!

2020 Firefighters Calendar 'Wildlife Calendar'


OK ladies, it's for charity, I'll have one too LOLOL

I love horses, so I shall be getting the Horse Calendar! Healing Hooves Inc rescues horses bound for slaughter and that come from traumatic backgrounds. They lovingly rehabilitate them for use in Therapeutic programs that assist those suffering Mental Health disorders, addiction, Autism, ADHD, emotional and physical disabilities.

Reason to Thrive provide Equine assisted activities that promote physical, mental and social health. These programs have been developed to assist a variety of groups such as at-risk or disengaged children and youth, children with special needs and women and children who are survivors of domestic violence. 


2020 Firefighters Calendar 'Horse Calendar'

Why did you resurrect this thread, 1 year old, when there is already a thread running on the current bushfires? And now you turn it into a "sexy" thing? Do you get how offensive you are being to those who are struggling with the trauma of their lives being destroyed or threatened by our current bushfires? Try connecting with some empathy and less manipulation to be "real" for a change.

Have you donated any time or money yet?????

Image result for latest news for the fires in nsw and queensland

The only people speaking on this thread one year down the track are you and your family/friends. And you are showing everyone how shallow you are, firstly by turning the conversation to sexy calendars, NO REAL EMPATHY FOR CURRENT VICTIMS, and secondly because you are avoiding the seriousness of the current situation, government implications and the feelings of the people directly involved. You and your friends/family do not seem to see yourselves as I suspect others on here see you. 

 "You and your friends/family do not seem to see yourselves as I suspect others on here see you."

You may not understand this in your world, but most people do not care one jot what a bunch of invisible people think of them. It might be of great importance to you and that seems very sad  to me.

It is also very nice to know that a bunch of people who met on a public forum, have become friends and have even enjoyed their real life company with each other. Does that bother you? Have you made such friendships with anyone on this forum? I doubt it. 

Well said Bijou :)

Yeah, "Look over there". Classic response when one has no other response!

Perhaps YOU shoud "look over there" and do something useful.

View image on Twitter


The Red Cross has called for blood donors to shore up supply as bushfires rage across New South Wales and Queensland.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has been forced to close its donor centres at Taree, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie and its pop-up centre at Byron Bay.

It says about 15 per cent of blood supplies for New South Wales are collected at the now-closed centres.


I'll get a couple of those calendars Reagan!

Mate, this is what we woke up to today in Sydney. Had to get everyone a facemask, including some students who suffer sinus probllems.

Pic from the ABC

Sydney smoke haze


Hope tomorrow is better than today. Picture from the BBC


Image result for sydney blanketed by smoke


You're not the only one Ray. We woke up the other day to smoke, ash and haze as a result of the bushfires across New South Wales travelling across the Tasman to the North Island.  Amazing too is smoke particles have actually reached as far as South America.


Image result for picture of new zealand affected by smoke from the new south wales fire

Sorry to hear that Aviator and RAY. News coming to light that most of these fires were started by juveniles. Hope they are dealt with accordingly. Pictures like this one should be put up in their rooms so they watch them all day and get nightmares.

Trees are lit up orange from the embers and fires burning in Yeppoon.

Source: ABC

Yes ABE, I do not understand it myself. Why are children doing this? Don't their parents know where they are? Don't they see what sort of adults they are growing into?

In the two years leading up to the end of 2018, 136 kids were charged with lighting fires that risked homes. Only 18 were convicted.  


A thrill for both the firefighters and U2!

Rock band U2 delayed their flight to thank more than 100 firefighters for their bravery as they travelled to fight the blazes ravaging New South Wales. 

The performers, who were en route to Adelaide greeted Country Fire Authority (CFA) firefighters on the tarmac of Melbourne Airport at about 12pm on Tuesday. 

Bono and the band's plane was parked next to the military aircraft which was preparing to fly the CFA crews to Richmond Airport in New South Wales.


U2 delayed their flight to thank more than 100 firefighters for their bravery as they travelled to fight the blazes ravaging New South Wales


that's Bono waving the fireman's hat!

I'm not really into U2 Reagan, but it must have been a lovely treat on both sides.

Despite how serious any situation is, we need fun and laughter and music, always!

Absolutely agree Bijou. Laughter is very much the best medicine whatever the circumstances. My dad can tell you some stories of when he was in the Italian resistance. Dangerous but also some hilarious incidents.

Now here's something to strike a smile

Hopefully U2 donate some money!

A truly beautiful story....this woman endangers her life to save a koala...

Image result for dramatic rescue of koala by woman

Video Credit: euronews: Published 12 hours ago.

Watch it here:

Image result for bear the koala detection dog

Here in Australia many of us have heard of Bear the “koala detection dog”..but he is making a name for himself overseas too!

Bear, a border collie-Kollie cross is reportedly the only dog in the world, according to his handlers, who can find koalas by the scent of their fur alone. The hunt is on to find more dogs like bear.

Beautiful story Sophie!

Ditto Bijou! Thanks for that lovely story about the koala rescue in Long Flat Sophie.

Fabulous chart KIAH and fabulous thread folks, grazie!


Mr Firth was flying from the Gold Coast to Melbourne when he took this photo just north of Coffs Harbour. Picture: Zach Firth/Facebook


An astonishing photo capturing the catastrophic bushfires ravaging northern New South Wales has left the world stunned, read more here-

Yes Ray, I agree, I appreciate the level of sophistication, the humour mixed in with it and the overall information. 

Thought you guys might like to read a bit about those tankers headed your way.

Picture of the belly of the tanker, quite a beast!


View image on Twitter

Great pic Aviator, yep, I agree what a beast. Can you imagine what this one looks like inside, supposed to be the largest air tanker in the world-

Image result for largest air tanker in the world

here's some blurb on it




Getting ready to do their bit. 


Image result for dad's army volunteers at bus fires

Image result for dad's army volunteers at bus fires

Image result for dad's army volunteers at bus fires

Source: The ABC

They’ve stepped up to the plate and all over 70 years. Well done Woodgate senior volunteers! You deserve more than a medal.

Image result for victoria code red alert

Source: Courier Mail


Victoria has declared a Code Red bushfire alert for the first time since 2010. States across the country are battling dangerous conditions.

Victorians facing code red bushfire conditions have been told their houses are not built to withstand them and they should get to major cities if they can.

Victoria is under a total fire ban today with temperatures expected to top 40C in the state’s north and fears that forecast thunderstorm asthma would put lives at risk.

Stay safe Victorians and heed alerts.


Image result for code red alert for victoria


I hope everyone in those areas stay safe KIAH. Just read Melburnians had one of the hottest November nights in more than a century! Hope it cools down soon.

Sending you lots of love...


Thank you Sophie :)

Officials are warning the conditions in Victoria are as bad as Black Saturday when 173 people died in 2009. Right now it's 40 degrees but rain is expected or at the very least a cool change later on. Indoors it's fine as long as there are no outages. 

KIAH, Reagan and family do keep safe xoxo. Thinking of you all. I just saw this picture of Mildura on 9news. I know you're far away but I hear some bad weather is ahead.

Image result for mildura in the bushfire




Starting to feel you’re following me Bijou I mention the fires around Mildura then you mention fires around Mildura.  

So strange this parallel thread competition you’ve got going here.


Listen twit, the news of Mildura is all over the papers. Do learn how to post pictures and no one is in competition with your "parallel"thread. It's common knowledge you lot live in a parallel world. Have you given any actual help or just mouthing off robiconda?

Thank you Bijou and also for the phone calls.

The whole town of Mildura went black 


Image result for pictures of mildura in the dust storm

For your information Sheto1, I don't  read any of your threads including your so called “ normal” one.

They hold no interest for me not when there is something far superior like the “Australian Bush Fires” thread. So please don’t flatter yourself in any way. You’re way off track.

If you have a problem with anything on this forum or with this thread, the place to go and whinge is YLC Admin.

Or even better, keep your inane comments to yourself.


You are quite welcome to continue reading and enjoying the continuation of Celia's thread, instead of making utterly childish comments.

Gotta laugh!! You know what it is Bijou, I think Sheetso gets personal instagrams and tweets from the various news outlets, so only she knows what's gong on in the world and Oz, LOL




Mildura - the whole town went black. Pic from the ABC


Image result for pictures of mildura in the dust storm


Image result for pictures of mildura in the dust storm

Image result for pictures of mildura in the dust storm

Amazing footage Reagan. That looks like something out of a horror film. I do hope the residents are OK.

Scary stuff Reagan. Once in my life I experienced a dust storm and that was in Colorado - never want to see another one.

The picture below is similar to the one I witnessed in Denver many years ago while on a motorbike tour of America.

Image result for dust storms in colorado

Credit: Denver Post

Terrific images Reag old man, thanks for that!

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