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Australian Drug Problems

REVEALED: The Australian town where drug dealers are lacing marijuana with ICE to lure children as young as 10 into a lifetime of devastating addiction  

Drug dealers lacing marijuana with ice to lure children as young as 10 to addiction in

Community workers in the town say the problem is so severe, pre-teens are presenting with addiction to the drug. 'They [drug dealers] are selling cannabis laced with methamphetamines to get them hooked. They are as young as 10,' community worker Leah Tickner said. Ms Tickner said dealers were even selling the life-altering drug ice to children inside schools.

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I have a dear friend whose son was addicted to Heroin for many years. He caused his parents more grief than they should have endured. Well his parents got him on a programme where he was put in an induced coma and his blood was vertually extracted out of him and cleaned. This happened many years ago and it has been 12 years that he has been free of this terrible drug. It cost the parents $10,000.00 and they said it was worth every penny to see their son back to normal and a responsible citizen. They can be helped if they really want to be. 

Imagine if the Government subsidized these kinds of programs, a lot less expense than putting them in jail.

I would imagine that the cost would be a lot more than $10,000.00 now than 12 years ago

further what worked on Heroin may not work on the drugs of today.

.........think the money is better spent on catching the criminals that import it.

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Doesn't anyone believe Australia's Drug Laws are too soft?

While people get away with soft sentencing the drug barrons will keep on keeping on.

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