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What do you feel about the various Australians overseas drawing attention to Australia in the negative like Julian is.


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Taken from the media this morning.


What a creep! After leaking secrets, dodging sex charges and costing the UK $26m, Julian Assange marks end of rape probe by giving world a human rights lecture

Julian Assange pictured after Sweden drops rape probe

Julian Assange (top right) lectured Britain on human rights last night while showing no sign of leaving his embassy bolthole. 'I do not forgive or forget,' he said, blaming everyone but himself for his five years of self-imposed detention. The 45-year-old WikiLeaks chief has been free to leave his Knightsbridge sanctuary at any time and yesterday Sweden withdrew a warrant for his arrest on a rape allegation. Elisabeth Fritz, who represents Assange's accuser, said the woman was shocked by the decision and stood by her claims. 'It is a scandal that a suspected rapist can disregard the judiciary and thus avoid trial,' she added. The £13million farce is set to carry on because the US wants Assange for leaking secrets.

I don't get it. What does the Ecuador Consulate get out of protecting this man? He has been bludging on them for 7 years, in exchange for what favours? I don't know anyone who lives rent free. 


Good point Hola, the Swedish victim was appalled when she heard they'd dropped the rape case and I can't understand the reason why they did.

Hola your Love Birds are very colourful, they look sweet sitting on the branch.

Read this Toot and you will see why Ecuador is protecting Assange.

IF Assange ever gets to go to Ecuador to seek asylum he would hope there is not a regime change while he is living there.

He must have given a sigh of relief when this was the result of the recent election there

"Socialist candidate Lenin Moreno on Monday celebrated victory in Ecuador's presidential election, bucking a shift to the right in South America, but his conservative challenger demanded a recount amid scattered protests.

Moreno's triumph was a relief for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after former banker Guillermo Lasso had vowed to remove him from Ecuador's embassy in London if he won the runoff."

Just my opinion ...

I feel the 'world's transparency saviour' has turned into the 'world's traditional wimp'.

Read somewhere that he made his 'balcony appearance' after the latest news, lectured ad infinitum, took no questions and then disappeared back into his bolt-hole.

After raising a clenched fist in salute, however, he vowed that “threats” made by US officials that he could be arrested on espionage charges “will not be tolerated” and said his organisation was escalating its leaks of documents about the CIA.

And stated “the proper war is just commencing”.

Reminds me of our North Korean 'friend'.

And now his mum calls on Malcolm Turnbull to help her son.

Agree with you RnR, he's a coward, no guts, so terrified of jail that he hides away for years like a frightened mouse.  Is the world a better place because of the secret files he released?   I can't see it. 

Thanks Radish for the link, interesting that if Lasso had won the election, he would have turfed him out of the embassy.  If I understand it correctly, the British want him for not attending a court appearance and he's asked them to allow him to travel to the airport so he can fly to Ecuador.  I hope they catch him. 

Sad to me Toot. As much as the world needs 'whistle-blowers' ... and we need a lot these days ... very unfortunate when they end up as tainted as the folk they seek to expose. Again, just my opinion.


Schapelle Corby in 'stand-off' with Indonesian authorities after refusing to attend final parole meeting before being deported

Schapelle Corby in 'stand-off' with Indonesian authorities

Schapelle Corby (left and right) is in a stand-off with Indonesian authorities because she is refusing to leave her house and report to parole officers one final time before she is deported back to Australia. Corby has been told she must report to her parole officer Wayan Widyartha this week but officers have been met with resistance from Corby and her family who claim there is too much media outside preventing her from leaving her house (inset). Mercedes Corby, Schapelle's sister, pleaded with Bali media this week to give her sister some space. 'Stop stalking in front of the house,' she said. 'Please give her some privacy, stop in front of the house, just leave her alone, sick of the media, sick of all you lot stalking her.' Despite heavy media presence, Bali authorities refuse to treat Corby's case differently. 'No, no, no special treatment this will be standard operation,' Bali Law corrections Surung Pasaribu said. Corby will be expected to report to parole officers one final time on Saturday May 27 before she is granted her freedom and deported back to Australia.

Lets face it, the Media are a bunch of parasites. They've got thousands of photos of her, why do they have to keep taking her photo? We all know what she looks like . Australia will be just as bad when she returns. You will probably see her on 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Insight, Q & A, The Project and maybe Family Feud. 

Totally agree.

I have a couple coming for lunch today one is a retired journalist!  Will be an interesting conversation.

I hold journalists in the same regard as I do used car salesmen.

Journos may enter the career with all the good intentions but the pressure in this declining and competative field soon takes them in a diffrent direction. I find many offer up their opinion rather than the facts and while there is nothing wrong with this in its self, there is when 80% of them are Labor/Greens supporters. 

Could be because they are better informed than most Frank.  But don't fret, you have fine upstanding spokespeople like Andrew Bolt and his shock jock  ilk to demonstrate the impartiality of the right.

Why is it that when we see people trying to make a statistic look real, it is always the magic 80%?

That high percentage of lefties must explain the right wing bias demonstrated in the Media in the last two elections.

Frank all sales employment is fiecely competitive.

Take for instance a department store, the goods are there sitting on the shelf or hanging up, the sales person doesn't have to go out and get his/her customers or get the goods to put on the shelf.

But in real estate the industry has highs and lows.  Those people still have families that need feeding  clothing, educating like any other family.

They also have to go out and get their listings and are subject to a lot of Legislation how they go about selling & listing properties.

I cannot speak about car sales people.

But I was brought up in the real estate industry and building industry.

It is very competitive, a good sales person will build up a portfolio of vendors and purchasers and repeat business is the only way to have a stable career.


Sadly we woke up to this news today........


Shot dead in her pyjamas: Australian woman, 40, 'was gunned down by a COP after calling 911 to report a noise outside her home' weeks before she was due to marry her American fiance

Sydney woman Justine Damond shot dead by Minnesota policeSydney woman Justine Damond shot dead by Minnesota police"

An Australian woman was dressed in her pyjamas when United States police gunned her down, harrowing new details surrounding her death have revealed. Justine Damond (pictured) was at home on Saturday night when she called 911 to report a noise and a possible assault in an alley in South Minneapolis, Minnesota. While police did not have body cameras switched on during the shooting, sources with knowledge of the incident claim the officers arrived at the alley at 11.30pm on Saturday night. Ms Damond reportedly walked up to the patrol car and began talking to the driver when the officer in the passenger seat pulled his gun and shot her. The 40-year-old motivational coach was originally from Sydney but had been living in the US for three years and was due to marry American businessman Don Damond (centre and right), 50, next month.

'I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful dress!' Miranda Kerr shares first pictures of breathtaking Grace Kelly-inspired Dior wedding gown as she opens up to U.S. Vogue about backyard marriage to Evan Spiegel

couldn't have imagined a more beautiful dress!' Miranda Kerr shares first pictures of breathtaking Grace Kelly-inspired Dior wedding gown as she opens up to U.S. Vogue about backyard marriage to Evan Spiegel

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