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Banning plastic bags "the tip of the iceberg"


Major supermarkets are banning plastic bags, but are being slammed for over-packaging food in disposable trays and plastic.

Items such as single sweet potatoes and bananas and apples in plastic covers litter the shelves and produce bins of Woolworth's supermarkets, angering hundreds of thousands of Aussies fighting a war against plastic.

Around 400,000 people have signed a petition against unnecessary plastic, with hundreds posting photos on social media using the hashtag #ridiculouspackaging, to show the ridiculous amount of packaing on what is supposed to be fresh food.

“Every time you’re out shopping for your weekly vegies, the problem hits you in the face,” a Greenpeace spokesman said.

“Rows upon rows of glistening plastic packaging, smothering things like bananas, corn and oranges … as if they didn’t have their own fully biodegradable wrappings.

“As Aussies, we love our beaches, our Reef and all the creatures that live in it. We know the dependence on plastic has to end.

“It’s time that supermarkets and producers put an end to smothering their fruit and vegies — and our oceans — in plastic.”

“Supermarkets are in a unique position where they can be leaders in reducing plastic waste, by stopping single-use plastic and wrapping up small items of fruit and vegies individually.

“Sadly it appears that this is getting more frequent when it should be reducing.

“Banning plastic bags is only the tip of the iceberg," said one angry shopper.

“It’s got to stop — we need to come together as a community to make sure of that.”

A Woolworths spokesman told that phasing out plastic bags is a “big step forward”, but there is still more work to be done.

“In recent months we have permanently removed plastic wrapping from produce lines such as avocado, organic spring onions, celery, kale and English spinach,” he said.

“These moves will help save more than 37 tonnes of plastic packaging on a yearly basis and we have plans to do even more throughout 2018.

“We’re also working to roll out convenient plastic recycling options for our customers in all supermarkets across the country by June 30 in partnership with the REDcycle program — a closed loop recycling solution where customers can return soft plastics used to package produce and groceries.”

A Coles spokesman said: “We are also actively working with our suppliers on more sustainable and recyclable forms of packaging across all products."

And Aldi? 

“We are currently working with industry to trial packaging made from other materials in a hope to find a viable and sustainable alternative to single-use plastics,” said an Aldi spokeperson.

“As part of these alternatives we also consider the suitability of the packaging from our customer’s perspective.

“Some of our fresh fruit and vegetables are packaged in order to reduce bruising and protect the items from customer handling.

“This also helps reduce food waste and spoilage.

“Our commitment to reduce plastic waste is why all our stores have been completely free of single-use plastic bags since we opened in 2001.

“We also recycle 96 per cent of the plastic waste generated in our stores.”

Do you think there's too much plastic packaging around our food?

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Introducing Coles Better Bags

Made from 80% recycled material, the Coles Better Bag is bigger, thicker and more durable so you can reuse them at home, or when you shop in store. Coles Better Bags can even be recycled through the REDcycle program.

 Your groceries will be delivered bagged in the Coles Better Bags, at a cost of 15c per bag.

i didnt see these bags when i was in coles SUZE,   but they were showing some on tonights news,    kids had made up the designs,   i got one of those,   pretty blue with a parrot,     i do have about 12 bags,   but had put most in the washing machine,    as i do every couple of weeks,         i dont mind buying a couple more,  as i need them,    i think i will concentrate on coles more now,          i used to ALWAYS shop at coles.  until i started online,    and found safeways easier to get around,  

how can they charge you for the RED BAGS @15c each,  when you do online>   you pay for your order when you put it through,   how do they know how many bags you will need,    so they can charge?


Cats - I think you will find that Woolies are just adding $1.00 to every online order - to cover for the "reusable" plastic bags......    :-) in the paper that Woolies and Coles will be making an "extra $30 mill. p.a." with this new system!  Typical!!!

$30 M  sounds about right for them to make a change

sounds fair enough FOXY,     for the bags,    i DID see the red spotted bags when in coles today,     im not worried so much about SAFEWAY anymore,     after the last order,  hen NOTHING on my order was there,   almost everything came out,   ;OUT OF STOCK'     whats the point of sitting at the computer for an hour doing an order,   then get told,  OUT OF STOCK,     waste of time and effort,  

Arn't condoms made from plastic so maybe they should be reusable washable made from silk and fitted with zips.

Do not think your wife would approve     Related image

They used to use intestines , like sausage cases .

Don't need them even for playing with young maidens having undergone the snip 20 years ago.

TO much information TOM,     you wish with the maidens,   lol,  

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FOR HEAVENS SAKE,    do we have to put up with the spam invading our posts now?come on mod,   we need your help,    

So right Cats it has been so good of late but seems they are creeping in once again

Why not hit the reply button of the SUSPECT SPAMMER ???

...there is nobdy that habitually reads all our posts all the time.

The admin staff will now be able to respond next Monday I would presume ...when they are back on duty.

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