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Beloved American crooner, dies aged 89

Vic Damone has died at the age of 89.

The popular singer and actor was known for hits including You’re Breaking My Heart, On the Street Where You Live and An Affair to Remember from the 1957 movie of the same title, starring Cary Grant.

Frank Sinatra once said Damone had “the greatest pipes in the business”.

Damone died on 11 February from complications of a respiratory illness. He had been living in a retirement home with his fifth wife, who died in November 2016.

Do you remember Vic Damone? What are your favourite songs of his?

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Vic Damone - So sad to hear about his passing. He had the most beautiful voice. Some of my favourite songs he sang were, April in Portugal, On The Street Where You Live, Once Upon a Time and More Than You Know. I just had to listen to those songs on YouTube again.  

They say he was discovered by Frank Sinatra who said, "He had the best pipes in the Business".  Now that would make a good epitaph.

He certainly had a beautiful voice and was a heartthrob for all of we girls at the time.   That era of the crooners was terrific.   Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, etc.   

I agree, wonderful. Vic Damone RIP. But the one I was in love with was Dino. Dean Martin the beautiful man with the beautiful velvet voice. I wouldn't give two bob for Sinatra as a singer myself, but adored the man as a great actor.

The era of the crooners ... wonderful.

Vic Damone has had a long and successful life, and brought much joy to many.  A suitable epitaph.

And 5 wives!

Used to call him "Vic the Moan" - mea culpa!

My parents has a record of him . Had a wonderful singing voice

So sad to hear that Vic Damone has passed away.  He was one of my very favourite singers right from being 10 years old - he had a beautiful voice -  loved On the Street Where You Live, An Affair to Remember and More than You Know -  and many more,.

Singers were truly singers in those days - and the songs much more romantic.   Must get out my Vic Damone songs for this Valentine's Day (nostaligia!)

Loved anything sung by Vic Damone. R I P

i   didnt hear of his death,   R,I,P, VIC DAMONE,     not my favourite singer,  [no one beats ol blue eyes]    but he had a 'nice voice'    im trying to think who one of his wives were,     she was only a b,grade actess.,   but beautiful,      when they divorcd she ALMOST said he was,  at the least,  by sexual,  if not homosexual,      thats why there marriage ended,      i will find her name and get back,     i can see her face,     bugger bugger,   

just camo to me.  it was PIER ANGELIE,     she only made a few films,   i think one was with a VERY young PAUL NEWMAN,    in a boxing film,        not sure about that,     but she did imply that he was at least bi sxual,    [not that theres anything wrong in that]  


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