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Better Homes and Gardens welcomes three new presenters

Lifestyle show, Better Homes and Gardens, welcomes three new presenters to the team this year when the show returns for its new season on 7 February.

Health and fitness expert and former Bachelor, Sam Wood, will provide information and advice for adopting a healthier lifestyle.

“For me, it’s about helping people move more and eat better with simple, practical and real advice that they can understand and implement into their lives,” explained Wood. “I am genuinely so excited to be joining the team.”

Also joining Better Homes and Gardens this year is respected garden expert, author and television presenter Melissa King

“I will be tackling lots of fun and inspirational gardening projects – everything from edible garden projects to indoor plant styling – and I also want to encourage kids to get off the couch and into the garden with some great kid-friendly gardening ideas,” explained King. 

“For a gardening presenter, this is the pinnacle and I’m beyond excited to be working alongside people I have admired for years.”

James Tobin (as seen on Weekend Sunrise) will sort through the gigabytes of information out there to present the latest in tech and motoring.

“I’ll be playing with all the big kid toys and reporting back on how they can improve our lives at home and on the road,” explained Tobin. “I’ve known the BHG team for some time and to get to work with them is a real ‘pinch me’ moment.”

What do you think about the new presenters?


I enjoy watching Better Homes and Gardens

... so I hope the new presenters do as good as others do

They would have been better to just change the format of the show.  It was becoming boring, not the presenters.   

They need a new format and more interesting things, not going over the same old same old.


I like the show BUT there are a few that drive me mad -- the bloke that cooks and is in your face and that darn builder bloke with the bright shiny teeth that loves the camera,  I like that bloke called Jason -- he is down to earth and the lass that is very artistic

I guess I just like people to be natural and not putting it on for tha cameras


Haven't watched this programme for a couple of years now!

Haven't watched this programme for a couple of years now!

Neither have I Celia.

I haven't watched it for a long time either, I prefer Gardening Australia.

Yeah don't like the cook, get rid of the cooking, too much of it on tv already.

I'm with Celia - haven't watched for some time now.  Get my gardening fix from Gardening Australia although their format has been gradually changing too, and not always for the better.  Too many programs, that have proved to be popular, are fiddled with - mostly to their detriment - because they are trying to appeal to everybody.  Home and Gardening shows will mostly appeal to a particular section of the population, and trying to appeal to everyone, mostly just detracts from the enjoyment of the people who formed the original viewing base.

Yes Gardening Australia is the better show. Although I don't watch it all the time, it has some good hints for any gardener. Never watched BHG.

Yes Gardening Aust is about the best -- I used to like Don Burke as he was very good with plants

Jason was my favourite but he has been canned!

NOoooooooo, not Jason -- and I bet they have kept that posser with the flashing teeth YUK  I think I will be not watching it either

I used to watch B&H years ago but go sick of all the cooking, same old same old, and advertising within the show. Give me Gardening Australia anyday, I actually learn something from them. I think they need a new format and get rid of the cooking. Melissa King is a good choice but we do not need a so called "expert" Sam Wood who is not an expert spinning the same old stuff you can get elsewhere. But great they are including some tech,no sure about including motoring though.

The main reason I watched BH&G was for Graham and Jason's segments. Looks like I'll be watching Gardening Australia from now on. I get my nutrition advice from real experts and I never watch the cooking segments