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Beware another scam

Got a phone call last night just around dinner time, from a heavily accented person telling me he was from the "Do not call register" and that he was going to put a stop to nuisance calls to my number.  I told him that was most welcome and he went on to ask if I lived at this address and if I am the owner of the account, to which I answered yes.

Then he said because I usually paid my account by direct debit or over the counter, he needed to update my expired debit card details.  Smelled a rat there so I lied and said I no longer have a credit/debit card.  He then said "You don't have any credit or debit cards?".  When I said no, he told me "Thank you" and hung up.


Thank you for letting us know Doodlebug

Hope you reported the incident to ACCC Scamwatch

I have now, Suze

THE old 'bug in your computer'    is back again,   that one has been quiet for awhile,   but back in action again today,  also the one to ;check;  your electricity account,      they are a ruddy pain,  

Cats - I too got a call from an Indian gentleman saying he was checking my computer for Telstra, as soon as I mentioned I have reported nuisance calls, he hung up. 

Get them often do not mind have alot of fun in the end tell them to f*** off

I have an 'acme thunderer' which I blast down the telephone when I suspect the caller, works a treat.



I have an 'acme thunderer' which I blast down the telephone when I suspect the caller, works a treat.



can smell a scan a mile an email purpotedly from westnet saying they could not deliver all my emails and could I click on the attachment.   of course I did not.


contact westnet and they got back to me that it was indeed a scam and to delete it and NOT click on attachment.  any emails you get asking yu to click on a link is best to check with whoever it was supposed from as most time is just a scam.

I let all my calls go to answering machine because I have so many calls that are suspicious I will answer if I RECOGNISE THE PERSON calling only. Most times they do not leave a message and if I sometimes pick up the line is dead other times the person on the line speaks with a thick indian accent and I cannot understand them. Wondering if we have anyone these days who speakes with an Australian accent anymore or if all calls come fro Indian call centres. Do Australian telephonists even exist any more.  

I get scam calls all the time. I get rid of them by using encrypted chat.

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I often receive calls from a young lady called Nicole. She has an Australian accent,and tells me that my NBN will be disconnected immediately if I do not press 1. It is a recorded message so she never hears my reply. Lucky her.

I don't get any calls at all, two years now and not one phone at all.

i tell them to disconnect me fact I dont have the NBN.