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Bullies in our society of Australia and the whole Planet for that Matter.

The robber kicked him in the face, sending the man's phone flying

Every so often Australia and the world has a period of time when the authorities try to bring up the topic of bullies in our society. Whether it is in schools, work places or the streets, but it never seems to do any good. Even in our courts they seem to get a smack on their hand and are let go.

Why do you think that as a society Australia doesn't really care about if someone likes to bully another human?

It happens on trains and buses too.


Do these Bullies get a sick thrill?

The recent news is an Urba Driver sitting down relaxing for a few minutes and a Bully/Thug comes along.

The robber kicked him in the face, sending the man's phone flying 


An inaudible conversation ensued while the robber held a knife

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I saw this awful video on the news last night of a 92-year-old woman being shoved to the ground by a stranger who was just walking past. She hit her head on a fire hydrant on the way down and could have easily been killed.  Thankfully she is relatively unhurt and bouncing back, but remains very frightened. 

It should never have happened. This guy has over 100 convictions for various things, including many other unprovoked attacks and sex crimes, but is still walking free.  He has serious mental issues and while I believe people with mental issues should be helped rather than locked up, does he have to actually kill someone before the rest of the population are safe.  What about the rights of the majority of people who are just going about their day, minding their own business?  Shouldn't they have the right to be protected from the likes of this individual?

It happened in the USA but treating crimes committed by people with mental issues as minor offences seems to be on the uptake here too, as well as other places.   Once we used to say if you commit the crime - do the time.  Should that still apply regardless of your mental state?

I saw that news clip too Leonie and was disgusted. You are so right when you say lock people up who are a threat. By all means offer treatment where possible but do it while the general public is shielded from further offences. I am sick of lawyers claiming 'undiagnosed' bi polar, drug effects, broken home upbringing or some other whimsical affliction to excuse anti social behaviour. Protection of the general public should be the priority when dealing with violent offenders.

Agree Leonie and Ozirules.

Far too many very serious crimes are committed by people with a long history of violent behaviour.

Yes I too saw the video yesterday, I also think the majority of these savage attacks are drug related and I am in favour of what Singapore and Indonesia do to anyone that handles drugs. That goes for the suppliers and the drug user.  If we don't things will get a lot worse and more savage.  I pity the poor professionals in the hospitals, I have had a friend that years ago was attacked; a petite nursing sister.  

Sorry have to disagree with you Celia about what Singapore and Indonesia do, the problem is a lot deeper, you need to understand why people take drugs and why they are not getting help for it. It has been a long standing issue that there is not enough rehabilitation available, it costs money and drug addicts don't have the money, the Government does not offer enough free help. Prevention of drug taking should be first, kids need to be scared out of their wits and never be tempted. I am not an expert in this field and it is only from watching documenteries and reading about drug addicts fight to get off them that I know how hard it is for them, my brother was one, he searched and searched for help and all he got was pills from a doctor which ultimately killed him.

Why don't we spend more money stopping the manufacturing of drugs in the first place too.

Also locking up drug addicts in prison does not rehabilitate them either, once they get out they are back on the bandwagon. These people have mental health issues, most are self medicating to stop pain and trauma suffered during their life and which is ongoing.

What we need is more investment from the Governments to do more prevention and rehabilitation, boot camps and other ways of combating this horrible disease.

Don't forget alcohol which is a legal drug causes more death, pain, suffering and violence than any other drug.



Incognito we will never ever agree on this topic;  in Australia we are much too soft with suppliers and actual users. As you say you are no expect, yes we do watch documentaries you are not the only one that watches documentaries!!!!



Well you are not watching the same doco's as me then.


Do you know who MOST of the suppliers are -- DOCTORS/SPECIALISTS and the big Pharma -- they get people onto so many drugs -- because of a condition they might have and then they are hooked -- because the people trust the Drs etc and never ask questions as to what the hell they are given to take.

Once they get addicted then they will but from black market or from anywhere.

I am not in agreeance with drugs or users either but Doctors have a hell of a lot to answr for

Yes alcahol is a very over used drug



Yes PlanB I do know, I saw my brother go down that road and it ultimately killed him (I have mentioned this before).

Read this PlanB:

A report showed there has been a nearly six-fold increase in the number of Australians getting treatment for drugs such as ice or speed in the past decade. 

The number of Australians seeking help for drug and alcohol abuse has been steadily increasing since 2014-15. 

About 137,000 Australians aged 10 and over sought treatment for their drug or alcohol issues in 2018-19, up 19 per cent on 2014-15.  

While the number of people seeking help for alcohol abuse alone has slowly dropped over the past decade, it remains the most common drug people sought help to deal with.  

Treatment for amphetamines increased from 10,000 to 58,200 episodes over the 10 years to 2018-19. 

Among those cases, methamphetamines, like ice, made up two-thirds of treatment in 2018-19. 

More than half of those seeking drug and alcohol treatment were between 20 to 39 years old. 

Australians aged 40 and over made up 35 per cent of treatment cases. 

Younger Australians were more likely to be the ones seeking treatment for cannabis use, with nearly two-thirds aged between 10 and 19 years old. 

Heroin users were mostly older, with the number of people seeking treatment declining over the past decade. 

Men received more treatment than women. 

Yes Incognito and if anyone needs mental help -- GOOD LUCK   they is no help avalable -- I have seen a lot of younger ones that need it and have been unable to get any help at all

Incognito, I hear what you are saying and am sory for the loss of your brother. Yes prevention would be the best way to tackle drug addiction. No new addicts and the problem would eventually cease to exist but how can we combat the growth in drug taking when we dont come down hard enough on the suppliers and pushers. How can you stop kids experimenting with drugs when there is already enough evidence out there regarding the devastating effects. Are we not condoning drug taking by providing safe injection rooms and free drug testing at music festivals etc. Your brother may, sadly, have had mental issues or suffering from pain and trauma but I would doubt that the majority of drug takers fit that profile. I for one am sick of the crimes committed by addicts to pay for a fix. I'm sick of sharing the road with drug effected drivers. My daughters a nurse and I'm sick of assaults on her and her colleagues by out of their head junkies. No amount of education will stop future kids being hooked, we need to dry up the illegal supply and then maybe we can rehabilitate existing addicts. You cant put out a fire if someone is continuing to throw logs on it.    

My brother did not have mental issues to begin with and he died many years ago now, but the fact that he was able to get so many pills from a doctor is criminal. If you did some research you may discover that it is now legal drugs taking over addictions and causing havoc, they are easier and cheaper to get. There will always be people trying to make money out of drugs and it has not worked in all these years to spend so much money on trying to catch them because they always find a way to sell their poison. I was merely suggesting we need to tackle the real problem and that is we have so many kids growing up with violence and drugs because they do no feel they have a future or they do not feel worthy of one.

As much as we can stop the supply as long as there is demand there will be the supply. They will try anything to get high, you may have heard about the rise in sniffers of toxic cans of things like glue even. This is causing so much unbalance of young brains not too mention they often do not eat properly either.

Us outsiders can easily blame the suppliers but unless you are in the thick of things it really is just presuming a lot. I know my brother knew of many people who had turned to pills rather than illegal stuff and there is a big trade of it, he told me this. They have tried to stop this with regulations and trying to stop doctor shopping but these days a lot of doctors don't care as long as they are making money.


Very true Ozirules, very true.

One has to ask the question how can kids afford drugs? 

I brought up two sons and told them don't even think about it.


The commit crime Celia. 


Incognitto, take your head out of them darn clouds. Drug dealers should be eradicated from the face of the earth. 



FOR once i have to agree with Lucca,    if not the death penalty,   then life in jail,     why not buy an island,   and put them all on there?    never to get off,   food could be supplied to them,  but thats it,    get them out of circulation,      BUT,   as someone else stated,   it is also the LEGAL drugs that are causing harm,         some time ago i was speaking with a lady who lives in a high rise building,      with a lot of young people there,   she told me that kids were buying VALIUM tablets for $20 each,      what they do with them,    [as one valium would do nothing,  on its own ]        i have no idea,  but the drug situation is   shocking,   the kids are not learning,     on tonights news,    a woman whos son had died fron sniffing DEODORANT ,      where do they learn this stuff,     

Yes I saw that too about sniffing Rexona, goes to show how toxic they are, and shocking the response the lady whos son died from sniffing it got from Rexona, they said if they did not use our brand there are plenty of others! Why not take that chemical out of it, there are plenty of natural deodorants you can use these days so they should be banned.

I was the one who said there is more damage from legal drugs these days because my brother died from them thanks to a doctor who kept giving him way too many pills. But they are protected from prosecution and you cannot do anything about it.

Also alcohol kills, injures and destroys society more than any other drug, always has. It is just these days they mix it all up with pill taking and other illegal drugs.

OK I will go with that idea Cats about the island, which one?

Devils Island sounds good!

Whenever that island idea comes up my partner (who is a Pom) likes to say, "We did that years ago, sent all our criminals to an island - it's called Australia."  :)

Devils Island if I remember was French territory!

The penal colony of Cayenne (French: Bagne de Cayenne), commonly known as Devil's Island (Île du Diable), was a French penal colony that operated in the 19th and 20th century in the Salvation's Islands of French Guiana.Location: French GuianaClosed: 1953Devil's Island - Wikipedia › wiki › Devil's_Island

I don't know why the channel advertised the name of the Rexona spray the young lad sniffed and died. I knew that some Indigenous kids sniffed petrol which eventually sent them off their heads, but this one I was quite shocked. I wonder if the kids today will all rush out to use their mother's deodorant now.??

Sniffing is such a dangerous activity and some kids will inhale anything.

Inhalants are common household, industrial and medical products that produce vapours, which some people inhale to make them feel intoxicated or high. Some common inhalants include: aerosol spray, chrome-based paint, paint and paint thinner, felt-tipped pens, correction fluid e.g. ‘Liquid Paper’, gas from lighters or barbecues, cleaning fluid, glue and petrol.

I agree Hola, naming Rexona spray will encourage other little twits to give it a go.  The thought that terrifies me is that these same kids are the parents of tomorrow.

Toot a lot of those kids might not survive long enough to be parents and be forever brain damaged from it if they do not stop early enough.

Speaking during her first ever phone interview, Camilla said she had been shocked by Safe Lives¿ research showing that two-thirds of women had not sought help since Covid-19 restrictions. Most said they felt it was too difficult in terms of their personal safety or that they were dispirited as they had been previously let down by professionals [File photo] 

Speaking during her first ever phone interview, Camilla said she had been shocked by Safe Lives' research showing that two-thirds of women had not sought help since Covid-19 restrictions. Most said they felt it was too difficult in terms of their personal safety or that they were dispirited as they had been previously let down by professionals [File photo] 

Schools should take a more significant role in educating young people about coercive control and the dangers to girls of sexting, Camilla said  [File photo]  

Lockdown has created a domestic abuse timebomb, the Duchess of Cornwall has warned.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Camilla stressed that 'no one knows what goes on behind anyone's front door' and said she feared the true extent of the problem would be 'pretty horrific'.

Campaigners said from the moment lockdown measures were announced in March that cases of domestic violence were likely to rise as victims found themselves trapped at home with their abusers, often in stressful situations.






Yes lockdown was scary for many women, especially if they have no access to phones, their abusers can easily take their phones off them, there was mention though of calls for help increasing during lockdown. And more so for non-English speaking women.

In Australia, amid coronavirus lockdowns, use of online domestic violence reporting tool spikes. The national sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling service 1800 RESPECT said between March and April, the use of its online chat tool had increased by 38 per cent. The national hotline said it had also seen a spike in phone calls, but mostly after midnight while partners were asleep.

In the UK, the number of domestic killings has doubled during lockdown and frontline services report record-breaking numbers of cries for help. Calls to domestic violence helplines have increased by 120% while traffic to their websites is tripling. There’s an unprecedented demand for refuge places.

Shocking statistics RnR, so many women (mainly) living in fear.

Evil 'ghillie suit' paedophile complains his 28-year jail sentence is 'unjust' because his horrific abduction and rape of a girl, 12, was over in a 'relatively short period of one hour'

A paedophile who abducted a girl, 12, tied her up and raped her complains his 28 year jail term is 'disproportionate' to his 'relatively short' hour-long crime.


What a low life he is, the 12 year old will suffer her whole life!

The chilling words a mother said to her two young children in a twisted bid to try and kill them as she set their home on fire

A Canberra mum who admitted setting the family home alight spoke to her two young children after one innocently asked for a glass of water.

Obviously mentally unwell, poor kids.

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