I am not sure if this has been covered before, but One nation Aus is opening it up again as a policy. Full face burka..

Great, as I personally think the all black shroud that is worn by a few muslims is very degrading to them, also an insult to them as a woman of today. The security for people in shops, banks  etc is also at risk as one does not know if under the shroud is a man or woman or if armed.  I have no idea how these people see to walk, as their vision is so restricted. Also the fact that their skin is completely covered is bad for bone health. Are they really so ugly that they want to be covered up?



bj - Where I live, it is quite common to see these women wearing full faced Burkas. These poor women must suffer terribly in the heat we have been experiencing, meanwhile the husband is wearing singlet and shorts, and I don't know how the children can identify their mothers in a crowd. I was disgusted a few years ago when i saw the road workers near my home digging in the streets. There was this poor woman with a shovel clearing some soil and she was wearing the long robes tucked up into a belt. She was covered in dirt and sweating profusely. Auburn Council should never have hired her for such a job. 

" Are they really so ugly that they want to be covered up?"

Some women need to cover up and I'm not talking about Muslim women only. Go on slay me, LOL

The burka is worn to stop men from becoming aroused by the sight of bare skin. 


 Some "bare skin" would make me run a mile.

Nope, I'm an eye man myself, I fell in love with my wife's eyes, the most beautiful blue/green you ever saw!

We are not interested in your personal life.

I'm not interested in yours either, but you insist on telling us you are aroused by "bare skin".

If you are going to make accusations then quote me verbatim.

REAGAN,   some women NEED to cover up, ?    pot calling the kettle black,     

REAGAN,   some women NEED to cover up, ?    pot calling the kettle black,     

Bet if you wore a burka you won't be able to meow so much

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Wearing an item of clothing is a personal matter and there are laws protecting a person who is being forced to wear such an item. I agree that it may be difficult for an individual to escape such a restriction on their personal liberty; but if they speek up the current laws will support them.

Requiring a law that restricts the wearing of an artical of clothing is also wrong, banning a burka today,would allow the banning of tank tops or singlets, etc tomorrow depending on the policy of another group that sits on the cusp of our national politics.



It will probably come as no surprise that I believe everyone should be allowed to wear whatever they like, (within the boundaries of decency), and we have laws to cover that anyway.  I actually agree with Reagan (shock, horror), but with one caveat some PEOPLE, (not just women) should cover up. LOL

The burqa is not in use much around here, though I did see a lady wearing one at my local shops a little while ago.  This one happened to be pale blue rather than black and when she went skipping down the aisle (yes she actually did that) the hem flicked up to reveal bright red long socks.  I don't know why I found that sort of cute, but somehow I did.  I have to admit it was a little disconcerting though.  I would have liked to smile at her but because I couldn't even see her eyes (they were covered by a mesh inset) I had no idea if she would even notice.  Her male companion appeared to be avoiding eye contact as well.

But, while it can be a little disconcerting, at the moment it isn't against the law to wear a burqa, as much as that gets up the noses of Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham.

And speaking of PH, is Mark Latham the new puppeteer?  We don't hear much of James Ashby these days.

 " I actually agree with Reagan (shock, horror),"

I don't need you to agree with me, so please keep your BS comment to yourself :(

Duly noted, I will endeavour to never agree with you again - shouldn't be too difficult.


A friend was married to a Muslim engineer, a very modern and enlightened man.

However, on a visit to his home in the Middle East, she was required to don her sister-in-law's burkha on leaving the house. 

Wearing this garment was an ordeal. It would be an ordeal for any woman.

It was very heavy, cumbersome and unweildy.  Extremely hot.  The face mask was noisome and stiff with spittle.

Thats terrible Twila. The picture you painted is probably like Reagans jacket. How awful for her.

Ugh! I had never thought of the spit and sweat inside these garments.. I saw a full burka driving a car, I am so glad I wasnt near her, no ide how she could see left or right or in rear vision mirror.

Some of the European countries have banned these garments and the world didnt stand still.

They are worn because the men can't -- or won't control their urges -- well all I can say is learn to --and if these people wish to live in other countries then live by the rules and do NOT have your face covered we can't go into various places with a bike helmet or such and we have to have -- face recognition -- so how come these people are able to get away with it -- when you visit their country you have to OBEY all their rules -- whuch is fair enough -- but it should would both ways

so how come these people are able to get away with it?

Because they bully us with the help of the United Nations and their loyal foot soldiers here in OZ. Yep, I am talking about Greens and Labor.

Plan B

Most probably because they are allowed to have dual citizenship in Australia .... in my opinion you should either be an Australian receiving Australian benefits or some other country citizen receiving their benefit.

Hi PlanB - It is so rediculous that these men can't control their urges whilst they have no trouble perving on the Western woman.  I must admit some girls/women do test the boundarys when they cut up their shorts to the very top of their thighs. Two teenagers had theirs so short when they past me an an escalator I could see what the had for breakfast. The men were bug-eyed. 

Abby, HOLA, and Adrianus,   I do agree with you all, yes some females do go overboard thats for sure --  and I agree that if they are to LIVE here then they have to bey OUR rules as we have to obey their when we are in their country,

But it is the Libs that are in Government at the moment NOT Lab'  Adraiinus so it is up to them to make the rules.

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I have absolutely no problem with women wearing the Hijab if they wish. The Burqa and Niqab to me, poses a security problem.


Hi Sophie, I agree about the niqab and burka, but like you see no problems with the hijab. As a matter of fact, if it’s ever banned for Muslim women then in all fairness the same should be done for Orthodox Jewish women. They wear a head covering also and African women.


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I agree with you Sophie nothing wrong with the Hijab

But the others HAVE to go!

Women who have either voluntarily given up the hijab (and niqab face covering) or still wear them appear to seen a ban as counterproductive and unwise and disagree with it.

 The following two articles are very long, but interesting and insightful.

Why I Hate the Burqa - and Yes, I Wear One  www.huffingtonpost.com/sabria-jawhar/why -i-hate-the-burqa----a_b_669953.html

Sabria Jawhar, states that women wear the niqab because their husbands insist on it, not because a stranger may see is wife's face, but because his Saudi male friends do.

Whilst observing that outlawing the burqa will create a tremendous divived between non- Muslims and Muslims, she continues: "But wearing the burqa in the West is plain stupid."

Sabria Jawhar, a journalist writing for Huffington Post, also writes for:                               www.saudiwriter.blogspot.com                            https//arabnews.com

The other article reflects on two Muslim women who removed their niqab.


The burqa predates Islam, so not necessarily an Islamic garments.

Non-Western countries, Chad, Cameroon and Morocco have banned the niqab, ... and the Egyptian government has drafted a bill banning the niqab and burka in public places.