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Businesses warned not to tamper with ANZAC biscuit recipe

ANZAC biscuits are a protected product, with the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) warning businesses that if they tamper with the recipe, they could face hefty fines.

You can tinker with the recipe as much as you like when you make them at home, but businesses have been reminded they should not deviate from the traditional ingredients – coconut, rolled oats, flour, butter and golden syrup.

The DVA has told bakeries and small businesses they could be fined up to $51,000, and individual sellers $10,000.

“Definitely no addition of new ingredients that alter the traditional biscuit and its taste such as egg, chocolate chips or almonds,” a DVA spokesperson said, although some ingredients can be substituted for people who are gluten or lactose intolerant.

The spokesperson also stated “the biscuits must be called ‘ANZAC biscuits’ not ‘ANZAC cookies’ or any other term”.

The move is part of a crackdown on companies looking to capitalise on ANZAC Day. A DVA permit must be obtained to sell any product using the word “ANZAC”.




...and rightly so.. 

a stack of biscuits tied up with yarn on a wooden board with oats scattered around


Origin of the Anzac biscuit...




Yes the original one is the one I use and also my Mum and Grandmother

made them once when i was a  kid. went crazy with the golden syrup and they were the best i ever tasted. didnt have any coconut to put in them though but the extra golden syrup more than made up for it.

wish i could still remember the actual recipe and method i used. it was on an old wood stove oven.

never tasted ones the same since then.

Not found of the coconut anyway --

Mum Dad and I used to make them and send them to the troops along with hand knitted socks and fruit cake

Some things should never be 'improved'. If people don't like the original ANZAC biscuit fair enough. Make something else but it will not be an ANZAC biscuit. 

I went to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney a couple of weeks ago and always make my way to the Country Women's Assoc.

Devonshire Tea Tent. I don't know if they have altered the recipe but this year's Scones were not up to scratch. I thought 

they were rather soggy. Maybe they have them made en masse and bring them in, but I was disappointed. I think mine 

are more tasty.


The funniest thing I've ever seen about scones is a clip by Billy Connelly ... starts about 4.22/16.22 on this YouTube video about Scottish women.

"Scone Shoes" and the "Scone look" and paying for the privilege. Hope you enjoy it more than your CWA scones at the Royal Easter Show ... LOL.

Apologies Anzac biscuit aficionados, of which I'm one, family scoffed heaps on 25 April 2019. I'm sure if the Scottish ladies had been lucky enough to have them, it would have been a matter of great debate too.

thanks for that RnR,   I LOVE BILLY,       have seen him live,  twice,  funniest man ever,  

RnR -  Thanks for the Billy Connelly tape, he is such a funny man. Yep, his description of the Scottish women is spot on. My sister's mother-in-law is Scottish and she used to knit her son a jumper and cardigan, always in cablestitch. We used to say he was wearing his twin set again. She used to say we were saying scones wrong, "They are called Scooones", we always had a laugh. 

Thanks Cats. Hola, that's very funny about your sister's MIL.